Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bus ride tales and sexy shoes.

Today while riding the bus I watched a man watching me out of the corner of my eye. I imagine that behind my big dark glamorous glasses and slight smile he was probably thinking I looked rather content.

Actually I was listening to Slipknot at ear splitting levels and having a very visceral daydream about jumping up and down on the seats, swinging a bat and screaming at the top of my lungs while I brained every living thing within swinging distance. It was quite the little fantasy I had going. Brain matter and scared citizens ahoy.

I didn't do it naturally.

I don't carry a bat.

Anyhow if you see me walking around Seattle with headphones and a little smile, that's probably what I'm thinking.

I have a fantastic migraine brewing that I am attempting to stave off with Advils and caffiene. I also have some fabulous Japanese lobster chip/cracker things that are actually made with shrimp.

Odd but tasty.

For those who don't know me well the above mentioned day dream is something I do fairly often. I think that is probably what's kept me from committing felonious assault. And no, I'm not a violent person. Not overly so anyway. However, I do have a little temper problem and often imagine myself committing bloody acts of retribution to make people pay for their fucking stupidity.

It's really a good thing I'm not armed.

The big difference between me and most criminals is that I have better impulse control.

I am really kind of annoyed right now. I not only punched several holes in my tights with my nails. (How is it that when my nails are very long I have no issue with hosiery, I cut them shorter and BAM holes in motherfucking everything) I also am wearing an old Lane Bryant skirt. It's a lovely skirt, black and white sheerish overlayer with a black underlayer. However there are no anchoring stitches between the two layers. And the way it's cut the overlayer does weird things around my hips and makes the skirt hang a little funny.

So yes the pants are still not happening. Today in addition to the aforementioned skirt I am wearing black tights, black mary janes, a black pseudo corset laced top, with my black velvety hoody over the works to keep me from freezing my tits off.

Yesterday the bottom half o my outfit was hot. A burgundy "prarie" *meaning long a-line with a ruffly hem* skirt, with a black broomstick skirt with embroidery around the hem. I layered the two because the black skirt is SO fucking long. I actually had the waist band pinned to my bra people and it was still ankle length. I folded the drawstring waist band of the burgundy overskirt so you could see the embroidery on the other one. I liked it. I also wore my cream colored big thick longsocks and mary janes. The top of the outfit just did not work and made my torso look weirdly lumpy. Next time I try that I might opt for one of my babydoll style tops.

My face is looking nice. I've mastered using mineral foundation and the sample of mineral finish I got from Fyrinae is marvelous. My skin looks nice and velvety. I could go for a little more sparkle but that's not a must.

Goddamn it I fucking hate Windows 98. For some reason that is entirely beyond me I just lost everything in my taskbar and I wasn't doing anything. Fuck sake.

What an amazing piece of shit. So before I lose this entry entirely I'm going to move desks. Mission accomplished, I even have music going.

And okay, take my goth card RIGHT fucking now I still love that goddamn Sexy/Back song by Justin Timberlake. It makes me a little ashamed.

Speaking of bubble pop I must also admit to the following. That song Dirrty by Christina Aguilara. Still makes me shake my ass. Also still LOVE Pink's first album. Makes me shake my ass. And Pimp Juice by Nelly. I am still convinced that my days would be fourteen times better if that song played everytime I walk in a room.

Someone should make that happen. Right now.

Monk has an interesting bit on the Boston Kink Scene. Things like that make me wonder how much time do police departments in various places spend trying to bust those kinky perverted type people?

I'm left wondering are there special units? Undercover cops getting tied up to bust evil enjoyers of kink? I keep having this fuzzy picture in my head of some big burly cop in full Cop Regalia spanking some chick or boy then slapping on the cuffs for an actual trip downtown rather than say, a figurative one that involves getting a blowjob.

I really question how enforcible laws like that are. How does one go about arresting someone for doing something that might be illegal in the letter of the law but not in the intent? Are you going to waste tax dollars with an arrest and trial etc just to prove someone likes to get beat on, and that they shouldn't?

Amerika, seriously this legislating morality bullshit needs to stop yesterday. It has never worked in the past and does not work now. So lets spend our time doing things like, I dunno arresting killers, muggers, rapists, helping out the community. You know fostering a good relationship between the community and police so instead of people throwing rocks and getting pissed off they come for help and become willing to help out.

I know, I must be crazy.

Okay I think it's time for ginger tea and something else to nosh on.

Goodnight Sally.

Homo Out.

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