Monday, February 26, 2007

First off...

How cute is this:

That's me man.

If it was a little chunkier it'd look more like me.


What else?

Had a nice relaxing weekend. Didn't do much aside from do more offers on Gangster Greed. I'm saving up for some hair stuff and probably a lipglass or two.

I've been sitting here for awhile, playing games and listening to music and singing. I will tell you gentle readers I still hold out hope that one of these days I will open my mouth and find my Big Balls Metal Voice-tm. I'm talking HUGE like I have been posessed by a bevy of metal bands and my ovaries are about to blow up.

*Le sigh*


What else?

My hair is SO healthy and hot right now. Hot as in goddamn I have FINALLY figured out what my hair does/does not like. It's nice. Hopefully it'll be shoulder length by the end ofthe year.

Now if I could figure out the whole styling thing life would be copecetic.

Sometimes I feel so self conscious. I know this isn't true but I swear sometimes I'm the only black woman who can't do her own hair. Silly but I feel it. I braid badly, and yeah. I'm good at dying it and that's about it thus far.

And YAY I hear Ms Hotness Hudson won. I could give a damn about the Oscars but that's very cool. Now if Vogue had used photos as hot as I've seen everywhere fucking else, I'd be happy.

I have a serious feeling that the powers that be at Vogue decided that if they ~had~ to use a big girl they'd use pictures less than stunning as an example. Call me crazy but that's how I feel.

And now I think I'm done. I'm all full of tasty red beans and rice goodness and I stink and should bathe.

That's all, feel free to imagine me nekkid and in the tub.

Homo Out.

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