Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snorgling my way to the top

Okay so my day sttarted out kinda bad. But I got to snortgle an 8 month old great dane. She is so cute and all big and goofy. I wanted to lay on the ground and snorgle her some more but I had to come to work.

I wanted to snorgle the mastiff too but his Mama said that he has been having issues lately and didn't think it was a good idea. But next time I get a mastiff hug. YEAH.

The moratorium on pants and underwear has been called today on account of high winds and me over sleeping.

So as I said yesterday I've been doing the get paid to thing. I spent about a half hour clicking away this morning and made about 4 dollars. Not bad for doing it while reading other things. A few more dollars and I get a payout. Which means that I will have mad money in my paypal account. Which means more goodies.

I'm also doing another one but that payout is monthly so it'll take awhile.

The things I do for a little pocketses change.

So this one is one called Gangster Greed and actually I am expecting to cash out Friday or Saturday. Not bad at all. I made myself some spam email addresses and got myself a free phone number and voila. ALl I really have to do is check the emails, click the confirmations and away I go.

Ugh fuck sake my back hurts like hell today. Nothing like sciatic pain from ass to ankle to make your day.

I think I am going to go investigate some more hustles.

Yes, this year I am getting my hustle on I'm tired of being poor.

That's it.

Homo Out.

And ps..going to put my payper referral links in my sidebar there. Do it or don't.

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