Friday, February 09, 2007 please kthnks

I am having a cluster headache type thing going on in my left eye today. And it's really not making me want to do anything aside from jam a sharp object in my eye.

I've been a sufferer of various types of migraines for most of my life. The kind I have right now isn't a classic cluster headache. More like a migraine and a clusterheadache had babies and are beating said babies to death in my head.

When the eye pain abates that whole side of my head aches dully.

The combination of the two makes me feel kind of suicidal. It's not good for the being sane thing at all.

I have had migraines so bad I really very seriously wanted to die but, it's not one of those thankfully. I remember seeing on I think it was 20/20 years and years ago (probably mid-late eighties) video footage of a man with a migraine who was bashing his head into walls and floors. I remember at the time I was terrified thinking that guy must be insane. Years later I have actually done the same thing.

Being a frequent migraine sufferer is a really shit thing. Times like this I cannt make decent or clear decisions. I feel violent and-

The above was actually from Weds. I am feeling better now and I had to stay home yesterday so as not to want to put my head through a wall.

I slept off hte worst of it so yay.

Things that make a good Friday great.

Someone I see daily taking me aside to ask if I've been sneaking off and getting peels on my face. Said gay boy saying that my face looks "fucking amazing, and like you've been getting peels you bitch." No I haven't gotten a peel. I have been wearing Bare escentuals bare minerals foundation and have mastered using it. So yes, my skin looks like the motherfucking hot sex.

This foundation along with the Mineral Veil type stuff from Fyrinae and hot fucking damn. I've also been taking MSM for a few months and it has improved the tone and look of my skin. I'm really enjoying myself.

Since I've been wearing good make up I've been experimenting with color and things. Today I've got sparkly black all around my eye and gold on the browbone. A lovely cherry scented lipgloss called Carnal on my lips. A nice pinky red.

The embargo on pants continues. I'm wearing a calf length crinkly circle skirt, a black babydoll to with sparklies across the boobs and my new cardigan from Torrid. The cardigan is actually cuter in person. The velvet ties on the front have some sequins on them but not too many. And I got it onsale for 9.99. So no, Torrid and I have not broken up but she is still a fucking bitch since I cannot buy pants there.

I have also found a source for tights that are still a bit pricy but, I'm told the quality makes up for it.

I am considering lifting my embargo on wearing panties. I found some very cute looking microfiber booty short type drawers that might work for me in a non irritating type fashion.

I make no promises. I still hate wearing underwear.

And no I am not wearing any right now.

Does that make you hot?

I thought so.

Okay I think I'm about spent. Time for water and um...maybe a snack of some sort.

Homo Out

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