Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things that make it better.

I'm kinda stressed out but today while on my way to work I saw lambs in someones backyard. Frolicking muddy little knobby knee'd cuteness of doom lambs.

I laughed outloud on the bus and smooshed my eyes against the window, broke my neck so as not to lose sight of them. Then Dundaaa. Lamby goodness.

I'm also a little depressed today so I am wearing red.

Why am I depressed? It's not the fact that I'm turning 30 I've actually been looking forward to that for five years. No I'm depressed because I've had to cancel the fabulous plans I had due to lack of fundage.

That makes me very sad because what I really wanted to do won't happen again for a year. Let me remind you folks being poor fucking sucks.

What really frustrates me is that I cut out frivolous spending to the point of feeling like an ascetic and I STILL can't fucking afford anything.

I usually don't want other people to give me gifts on my birthday. I really like picking out things myself. So I'm going to wallow in my depression for a bit and show ya'll what I would buy myself for my birthday if I had the fundage.


Magnetic rolelrs 144 pack. No I don't actually need that many I would give half to Cookie but, I would really seriously like to learn to roller set my hair because I think it would be pretty. I just need rollers and to grow some patience to learn how.

Undoing Gender. By Judith Butler.

Basic black pant by Tripp. 12-short.

Black Trip costume corset. Size 0. That is some hot fuckin shit right there.

Black Lurex Keyhole Sweater 2Fer That is hot I've been in love with that since they put it out.

Black ruched 1 shoulder top.

Black Velvet molded cup cami. I have a cotton one of these and just LOVE it. Bastards put it on sale while I'm broke and I know (got told bya buyer) that they are not bringing those back anytime soon.

Demonia Scene-100 Boots I have been lusting after those boots for two goddamn years.

Daisy-13 Black PU Shoes OMFG those are SO cute. New ones. Love them.

Whatever. I'm sure you all get my drift.

So instead I am trying to plan something that is fun, celebratory and very very cheap. Very cheap. if I were smarter I'd just postpone birthday plans to a later date. like next month. I will probably do that.

But it's still sad.

Last year I missed my birthday due to vacation ruining megaflu.

The year before I worked and didn't do anything special.

Godedamn it.

I'm unamused and now I'md one.

Homo Out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi honey, I love you & hope you have as good of a 30th as possible. I never have money on my birthday either. I might splurge & go to the spaghetti factory this year, it is 30 after all & it is something to celebrate. -misspaige

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