Monday, February 12, 2007 the lightening.

In case you don't get the reference in the title it's from thisflash thingy at Albino Black Sheep. Been around forever and is still fucking funny.

Okay the world might be ending I'm wearing something with pink on it.

No seriously I swear to Baby Jesus.

I'm wearing a skirt that is striped pink/black/white. Seriously.

And feeling quite sassy thanks to a very cute hipster type girl and her very gay boyfriend stopping me on the sidewalk to proclaim me to be fabulous.

Where I was standing waiting for the bus is was warm and I had my coat off. Aforementioned cuties did the, "love the outfit love the make up you are fucking fabulous"

Other news. Okay so Torrid and I are not breaking up. I emailed them to inquire about a style of cami they carried last summer and got a response from an actual buyer who pointed me to four other ones that they have and clued me in that they are not going to be picked up again. I have placed those on my wishlist for future consideration.

I got my Fyrinnae order and was amazingly happy. I must reiterate my love for their mineral finish powder and now for their perfume as well. As you may or may not recall I am a big BPAL whore. And Fyrinnae's oils are very comparable. I purchased two samples. One called Vanilla Chai and the other called Pharaoh. I'm wearing Pharaoh now and it smells dark and sexy.

It actually reminds me straight out of the bottle of how it smells in that store Gargoyle's in the Udistrict.

Tasty stuff.

What else?

OH Stone Butch Hotness.

So I see this butch fairly often. At least a few times a week on my way to work and today she stopped me to tell me how cute she thinks I am and that if she wasn't 57 and with a wife she'd take me home and fuck the hell out of me.

Of course I giggled like a school girl. She is very dapper and charming and probably fucks like a beast. And we all know I love that in a person.

She gave me a smooch on the cheek and a pat on the butt and sent me on my giggly way.

I have other stuff to say about sex work but I am going to save that for later when I can concentrate. Right now I must eat something or I will fall over from the low blood sugar grrness.

So some FOTD's (fotos of the day)

Eye make up of the day.

Homo Out.

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