Monday, March 12, 2007

Cranky little fucker

So I'm cranky.

On the list of things making me cranky:
Crappy online sellers.
I understand that shit happens. It's happened to me. But if you are going to sell something, and hear from your buyer that it has been a month and the products haven't arrived. I'd think you'd have the common sense to at least answer this persons queries. Not one, cut three. At least say "yeah I sent it and you're shit outta luck homie" or "oh no I didn't send it I'm sorry and it's going out now" or even "fuck off I got yer monies" all while continuing to sell other people shit. It's bad fucking form.

Other things that make me cranky.
My auctions having no bids yet. BUY BUY BUY people goddamn. Mama needs$$.

Other things that make me cranky. That I am not ready for coffee yet since everytime I do when there are still a shitload of people here someone turns it off.

Things that make me not quite as cranky.

The sun is out today and I had some hot cocoa. That makes it a little better I think.

Also my make up looks nice.

Which is good.

My tights are sagging in the crotch already and giving me elephant ankles.

I spent most of my weekend working in one capacity or another. Posting auctions, doing offers etc. Trying to design a used books shop front. Ye gods.

My coding skills are so rusty I wanted to stab myself in the eye. Another skill I've let go to pot. Not that I was all that good at it to begin with but ugh. My mediocre skills have lapsed into TEH suck.

It's hard but I am fairly determined to make enough monies to do the following:

  • Get new glasses
  • Invest in some stuff for my hair.
  • New pair of shoes.

I think that's about all for the next two months. I've decided to take my purchases (big or small at this point) on a bi monthly basis. I'll be needing some vitamins come June so that'll be that month.

If I could pick up some part time work that'd be excellent too.

As of right now all birthday plans are still cancelled. I am SO depressed about not being able to go to SEAF it's not even funny. Even if I could have bought tickets for any of the events, I don't have anything appropriate to wear to any of them. Which was part of the whole damn deal.


And unless things look up considerably we're not going to make it to Convergence either. At tihs rate maybe we'll actually get to do something nice for New Years.

Or maybe I should just stop wanting to do so many things that cost money. I need to pick up an absolutely free hobby or stop hobbying all together and work instead. I just don't know.

It's really not in my nature to live like a monk. Maybe it's a serious personality flaw but I like being able to go out for dinner if I feel like it, or buy myself a lipstick or a book. I like being able to buy people gifts and actually ship them. I would LOVE to be able to afford to get involved with some sort of charity.

It's really frustrating to have all these ideas but no outlet. I want to make clothing, I want to make other crafty stuff. I want to go back to school. I want to DO all these things and just have no way to do any of them. It's frustrating. I hate feeling like I work to absolutely no end whatever save for keeping a roof over my head.

Not that having a roof over my head is to be taken for granted. I don't. I just want to be able to enjoy my life without the strain and constant worry. My biggest wish right now is to have six months of not worrying constantly about bills, maybe a night or day out a month. That's all I really want.

Now I'm going to do some more auction write ups. Look into drop ship items again. Try not to wet myself or have a fucking stroke.


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