Thursday, March 15, 2007

Makin MONIES foo!

So I've been doing auctions and sold two items. YAY.

I also did a new pay per click thing I spent 1 dollar and made 25$. I'm going to do more this weekend and hopefully get another 25$ Next week.

So I'm chipping away puttering up to my 200$ goal.

That's good.

Birthday is tomorrow and I'm working that sucks.

Missing SEAF sucks.

But, I will get work done this weekend. I have auction blurbs written I just have to take photos and measurements and I'll have 4 more auctions up. That's good.

I've also decided to start selling on amazon again. So I'll probably be tossing out a link to my used book store there instead of doing a page myself. It's just easier. Amzon does all the payment stuff etc.

So yeah.

Um I don't really have much more to say right now. Aside from my poetry book is 31 pages down and I probably have another twenty or so pages to add and some newer stuff to transcribe. H opefully I can get that done this weekend.

So yeah homo out.

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