Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Music, springtmie and OMG purple eyeshadow.

So Spring has leapt into being and that makes me relatively happy. My financial snafu is getting straightened out and I got an early birthday present.

But let's talk about music shall we?

Part of my Christmas to self was a Jaton Iroc 1 gb mp3 player. It is hands down the best 35$ I've spent in a damn long time.

I loaded up my wee player with some really really good music this week.

I have decided that Tommy Iommi's album "Iommi" is really good. Of the various guest vocals I have to say that Ian Astbury still has some of the best fuckin pipes in rock.

Also the Billy Idol track makes me seriously want to do evil things to him. Probably involving rope, a beating and some hawt Brown on Blond action.


Sorry got distracted. I wonder if Billy Idol is a moaner or more of a screamer? Don't say grunter that will ruin it for me. Bet he likes it rough.

Oookay back to the topic at hand.

Hot British ass?

No music. Right-O.

Another one of my favorite vocalists is Mike Patton such an odd but lovely voice.

I ~still~ haven't gotten my pigments that I bought a fucking month ago with mad money. I'm really annoyed. But on the upside my eye make up is very nice today. French violet with a sparkly black around the eye for a smoky effect.

I also think very seriously that I might actually shave my legs tonight. I could do with some super excoliation and my skin is looking nice.


I think that's bout it. I need something to drink and quite possibly more aspirins to cut this ache off at the pass.

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