Thursday, March 08, 2007

My ass says no.

So yesterday Monk posted about this evil looking butt toy. Okay I love toys that look very scary. But that thing made my poor wee ass say oh HELLZ no don't even consider it.

I'm talking instant pucker right up and never going to open again kind of instant reaction.

Not that I wouldn't like to watch it being used on someone. Actually I'd like that very much.

Something my sex life is missing in a big way is any way for me to indulge my voyeuristic side. Especially when it comes to kink. I LOVE watching a good scene. I don't even have to know the people although it's better if I do. I'm not entirely a voyeur though, if allowed (and oh how I LOVE being allowed) I have no issue helping.

Although usually my "helping" comes in the form of taunting the bottom, touching welts and scratches. Maybe leaning over for the occasional bite out of a particularly tasty looking heiney.

I have a weakness for a nice butt. I do. Especially a cute nekkid butt. I cannot help myself and when presented with one, I will bite it.

Which reminds me of someone I used to play with on occasion.

I had this Leather Daddy friend who had a whole pack of boys to play with. I met (to protect the depraved I will call him Daddy Baldy.) Daddy Badly at the Timberline years ago prior to their big move and subsequent closing. I met him because I saw him on the dancefloor, all hot burly and shirtless and he had these big gorgeous nipple rings and I wanted to touch them. SO I asked and spent a good part of that night tugging on them, tickling him and leaving kiss prints on his bald head.

So we ran into each other a lot after that and when he found I'm I liked the leather he invited me over to play with him and a couple of his not quite so entirely gay boys.

Good Lord.

Being given the run of his toys and boys I was in all sorts of heaven.

I spent quite a few evenings running around his house in booty shorts, cock and boots tormenting his boys. There was one in particular who had the proverbial badonkadonk. (I love that word by the way). I had the msot fun spanking him, and yes on more than one occasion leaving teeth marks in his cheeks.

I also spent a lot of time watching Daddy Baldy play with his boys. The best thing evar (and the first time I got explicitly invite to come play in a particular scene) he showed me all sorts of interesting things about boyholes that I never knew. He also showed me fun lube techniques and introduced me to the joy of getting a blow job.

I lost contact with Daddy Baldy and for a couple of years asked around about him. Turns out he was rarly if ever kinky in public, didn't really partake in the scene and wound up moving to fucking New York.

:( I was a sad sad beasty.

Something I find interesting about my travels in the kinky world is that a lot of the people I have known, learned from etc have been not in the scene so to speak. Thus, I don't really know anybody in the scene at all. It's a strange thing.

It makes me a little sad. Although I'm not as social as I could be frankly. Having no car and living in the hinterlands of Burien kind of precludes a lot of activities.

Maybe some day. I can hold out hope.

And fantasize about the off chance encounter.

Not much else in the news today sadly. I am kind of tired and my stomach is upset. Cookies were not a good treat today I think. So I'm off to maybe make a pot of coffee and see if I can't scare up something interesting to read.

So yeah. Goodnight.

Homo Out.

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