Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Of Blurbs and Bastards...

I know I said I was done I lied.

I got the book "I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight " as a birthday gift and started reading it last night.

First off I love Margaret Cho like you people just don't understand. She is smart, hilarious, and superbly talented and I think she's hot. I have since the first time I saw her hollering on HBO I think it was and I laughed so hard I almost wet myself.


I was pissed about this enough to actually write to her.

This book is really good. Very personal. And the blurbs ar fucking stupid. One of them says "murderously funny". Which in a way is true. Yes Ms. Cho is fabulously scathingly hilarious. BUt this book isn't about that. I don't want to give too much away but she talks a lot about activism and racism homophobia etc. This is NOT motherfucking comedy.

I actually came about ( ) close to yelling that on the bus on the way home last night. I was su upset I might actually just take the dust jacket off because it's fucking offensive.

I have to say that this feels to me like yet another pat on the head, isn't she adorable, oh how funny bullshit thing. I have this mental image of these "reviwers" sort of chortling away while reading about racism, nodding because they KNOW what she's saying is true but, "Oh well it's just some Asian chick ranting, isn't that funny". See what I'm getting at here?

I don't really know how else to express how I feel about this.

It's the kind of thing I understand.

Maybe (yes I'm willing to consider this) I'm overreacting because of sme of the condescension I've gotten from people. That pursed lip, wobbly head nod "Oh how nice that you do that" type. Their tone clearly indicates rather than "how nice" "Oh you're black and you write" usually followed up by the ienvitable question about whether I'm writing raps or "slam" poetry.

Shut the fuck up.

It makes me angry when people show their cultural biases without so much as a bat of an eyelash.

Along the same lines here are things I NEVER want to hear again:

"You didn't sound black on the phone."
"WHy do you talk so white?"
"I didn't know black people liked (insert thing here)"
"You are really well spoken." (With the unspoken caveat, "for a black")

Anything near to those themes and you can shut the FUCK up and fuck the FUCK off. I've been hearing it my whole fucking life and I'm 30 years old and fucking over it. Do NOT voice your bigoted opinions to me. Do NOT put your narrow views in my personal space. Do NOT fucking act like it's okay because, "well not you, I mean them." I AM them motherfucking and don't think I don't want to stab you in your motherfucking eye.

If honestly deep down inside you have any trouble believing that a black person can be who I am, I don't care to know you. Black, white whatever. Keep it to yourself. I don't care who you think I should be so as not to make your world view seem fucked up. I don't care.

That said, if you want to speak to me about my experience in life as a bi sexual black woman. If you want to know the road I've been walking ask. We can talk about that all day.

Okay, now I'm actually done. I'm going to make some genmaicha and calm the fuck down.

Homo Out.

PS, I saw the sun and had a conversation with a squirrel.

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