Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh for FUCK sake.

At the risk of sounding mentrually induced evil I really want the following.

Turkey sammich, wheat, lil bit o mayo, lettuce, tomato, tiny smear of dijon, sweet/spicy chili sauce, sprouts. With a side of very salty french fries and/or salt and peper chips.

And a beer. Preferably a RollingRock. Or maybe even the one with the big titty blonde on the bottle.


Going to have soup and fucking soda instead.

I am not amused.

IN fact I am unamused.

My back STILL fucking hurts in a crunchy angry way.

In other news um.

I am wearing fabulous make up today. French violet MAC pigment all over my lid and a chartruese pigment cat eye.

Can we talk about hot women for a moment?

Mia Freaking Tyler. I don't think I can express to you people the kind of serious hardon I have for this woman. She is hawt. Biteable. OH. MY> LORD.

I say the following in all solemnity:

"Fat bottomed girls, you make this rockin world go round."

And I might add make me hot in the pants.

WHat else makes me hot in the pants?

BPAL stuff. I want so much of that stuff it is just not funny.

I also want (while I am on the subject...and I should make myself a cat macro while I"m at my wantingness) chrome yellow MAC Pro eyeshadow. I also want a fancy elliptical machine. And some microfiber bootyshort panties. And a gigantic cleavage bra and something to wear said bra with. Dust said ginormous cleavage with glitter and call it a day.

I want high heels.

I want stompy boots.

I want tattoos.

I want synth dreads.


I also want a pair of fabulous glasses.

That's all.

Homo Out.

PS...seriously someone please yank out my spine and beat me the rest of the way to death with it. Kthnks bai!

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