Sunday, March 04, 2007

Queerly yours

I've been cruising around the interweb looking at various queer type things and stumbled upon some gems.

Spicy Cauldron Queer pagan poetry etc. Lots of good stuff to look at poking around there. It now lives in my bookmarks.

As a side note am I the only one who has a folder called Homo in their bookmarks?

And for once I wish I lived in LA so I could go see the XXBoys exhibit. And fair warning there is some cocksucking going on there so don't click if you don't wanna see. I love this from the FAQ:

what is the goal of xxboys?

xxboys is here to create positive visibility of the great variety of transboys. to show how different we are, either in our journey, our identities, or our "choices".
xxboys is here to educate by the sharing of experience from an inside perspective, to help people questionning their gender, and to support trans people on their journey.
xxboys also creates a place for sensuality in the trans identity, we fought hard enough for our bodies, it's time to celebrate them

I have loved probably more than my fair share of transfolks and I really think things like this are very important.

I also really want to go to the GLBT Historical Society. I would LOVE to get into the archives. I love that sort of thing.

Oh MAN if I'd seen the Cheer SF back in the day I might've kept up an interest in cheerleading. I love youtube.

S.F. Dyke March from 2002. Very cool to see.

Sometimes I'm really sad not to live somewhere where there's such a huge and fabulous queer community. That isn't to say I don't like my local community but, come on now. How much absolute trouble would I be living in SF?

OMFG watch the Dyke thing, the lady Lea, she very seriously reminds me of this woman I had a MONSTER crush on when I was like 22. I just had an awwwww moment.

There's some hawt butches up in there.

I would get into ALL sorts of trouble at an event like that. Naked draped in girl trouble.

That was fun to watch.

Okay I think I'm spent. I'm all homo'd out.


Homo Out.


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