Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Return of the Cute

So I feel cute today. Got financial things straightened out. Well mostly. We're still going to be kind of broke but not too bad.

I also have cute make up going on. Nothing fancy just a good black upper eyelid type thing. Huge lashes. Nude shiny lips.

In sad news after I loved all on my portable music, my fucking headphones broke. Mike can fix them but still I was SO upset about that this morning you have no idea. Iwas NOT excited about that.

In other news my new webcam came yesterday and it takes very good fotos. So not only will there be FOTDs but, I will be able to auction some stuff off. YAY. Get money into my paypal Mama needs an eye exam.

I also want some more Fyrinnae stuff. There colors are really fantastic and sparkly. I think I might try some greens this time. I've got my eye on dragonskin and One Night In Belfast. Probably I'll get some more purples, maybe a burgundy or two. I also want to try their lip shines. Tropical Glow is a nice sheer pink.

And WHY is it again fucking Torrid has a big sale when I have no motherfucking money? I really want some sweaters. They are 9.99 most down from like 70 goddamn dollars.

I still think they have assrape shipping though.

I think I'll also put away some loot for shoe shopping. I need new shoes.

I saw the lambs again today and very clearly in my head heard Hannibal Lector say, "are the lambs still screaming Clarice?" And just barely stopped myself from laughing really loud. And why are there so many kids running around today is there no fucking school?

Getting leered out by barely pubescent boys is not fun for me.

I really need another copy of all of those books. Except maybe this last one I still don't know if I actually want to read it or not. From the reviews I might be very disappointed and that would be really sad.

And what the FUCK is wrong with fucking LJ man? Goddamn it.

Okay my company has some of the dumbest fucking customers. There I said it. They make Baby Jesus cry.

I really need some tea or something now. And to get out of the cross wind blowing across my left eye and making it water. I'm done.

Homo Out.


I saw the HAWTTEST little baby butch today. I would have enjoyed to have her touching my boobies.

Ok now I'm really done.

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