Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ugh, fat rant and some people are fuckers.

No really.

I am kinda sick.

Actually I feel like stepped in shit.

I wanna go home.

Finances suck again.

And I feel a little ranty.

I have a lot of love for Queen Latifah. A lot. I have since I first heard of her back in the day. I rocked out to U.N.I.T.Y, I watched "Living Single" religiously. Okay I am OG Queen Latifah lover.

That said I am really not happy with her right now.

She announced her new Curvations Clothing line and as I first looked I was so excited. Gorgeous clothes, hot plus size models and then I started checking the prices.

If you look at the website linked in the article yes, her clothing is sexy and beautiful but, very expensive. I saw a one shouldered tshirt top for 68$ or some shit. T shirt material. More than sixty dollars.

Does she not remember what it's like to be poor?

Also her sizing only goes up to a size 22 and I don't like that. The whole thing strikes me as a marketing ploy. Less "I love my fellow big girls" and more "Let's make some fucking loot".

Mind you there's nothing wrong with making money. What I don't like is the faux rah rah I love you guys-ness.

Don't play at fat politics. Don't play at support when in the end we all know it's not about supporting your big booty sisters but, about bilking your big booty sisters for serious money.

I am unamused.

It strikes me as funny that now that I'm actually fairly chubby, and in all actuality right in the middle of "average" for an American woman that now my fat politics rear up all pissed off and whatnot.

I remember when I was actually a fair bit bigger than I am now wanting so badly to lend my help and ear and voice and getting rebuffed many times for "not really fat". Someone actually said those very words to me and I was so hurt. Hurt because despite my vehement support without any creepy "admirerness" or anything I was showed the proverbial door by lots of evil looks and the cold shoulder.

I think that's a big part of why lately I tend to be so reticent around any cause. While yes I might agree and want to champion something at the same time, I don't want to be outcast because I don't fit the mold. For all of my piss and vinegar I am actually very sensitive to that sort of thing. Fat activism wasn't the only place.

LGBT activisim. Yeah. Everything was fine while I had a girlfriend but when I started dating a boy yeah quite suddenly I was persona non grata amongst some of who I thought were my closest friends.

I never understood that mentality. Especially if you are well aware just how passionate of a person someone is and you dismiss them out of hand because they seemingly "break ranks". The fuck kind of shit is that?

However for all my vitriol today I actually did something nice. Which brings me to rant#2.

Be NICE to old people you fucks.

So as I'm getting off the bus today this elderly lady and her "companion" I put that in quotes because he was an asshole. So little old lady in her cute lavender polyester pants and with her cane could hardly get off of the bus and forgot to get a transfer. Even though uber fucker was hollering at her (from about fifteen feet away) to "get your damn transfer". SHe couldn't hear him. Fuck I could hardly hear him over the bus din.

I got her transfer and tucked it into her purse then helped her down out of the bus. She almost tipped over and fell and I put my arm around her waist and helped her to the flat part of the ground while her "companion" stood and tapped his toe. Turns out Miss Lady has very bad balance and "always" has trouble in that spot. She thanked me effusively and tottered to catch up to her "companion".

How hard is it to be nice to and conscious of old people?

I have hollered at more than one person for almost knocking someone down in their haste to get on the bus or off the bus. I would rather be late to where ever I'm going than to stand by and watch someone fall or have some other difficulty. I have more than once helped an older person use their atm/ebt card at the store. Or got them on the right bus.

Is it that hard to wait a goddamn minute?

Same goes for people with small children. Even if you don't like kids, you don't have to be a fucking dick. Let them pass. Or if you see someone struggling w/baby stroller grocers etc offer a hand it's a decent fucking thing to do.

Okay I think I am spent.

I am going to have some ginger tea and try not to stab anyone.

Homo Out.

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Grace said...

love this rant - I feel the same way about older folks too. They deserve respect.

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