Friday, March 02, 2007

Wait it's Friday...WTF?

The last three days have been somewhat of a blur. I'm really tired.

The suddenly very cold weather has my body not very happy. Joints aching sharply. Meh. Makes me feel fucking old.

Work has been broken and broken and more broken. And while I'm this tired it's easily and often overstimulating. Which means I'm an absolute beast by the time I get home.

Linkin Park is playing on the internet radio station I'm listening to and it makes me want to kick something. The safe angst is boring and I want actual angst.

I want to sit and listen to L7. Or Soulfy or something else. Anything really at this point.

I'm glad it's Friday but, it doesn't really help and/or ease any of my ills at this point. Later on I'll probably work on one of the three stories I'm working on these days. Try not to start yelling or weeping. Either is possible at this point I'm so tired and brittle.

The air in here is wreaking havoc with my eyes today even though I took some allergy meds before I got here. My eyes feel dredged in salt and I've only been here for an hour and a half. It's going to be a really long day.

My pants ban has been called on account of very cold and occasionally snowy weather. I'm really not impressed with this Winter into March global warming shit. Give me Spring right now goddamn it. I want warmth or I'm going to go crazy.

Call me callous but i am so more than done with hearing anything about Anna Nicole Smith. Yes it's sad she died. But goddamn it's not newsworthy. It's fucking Jerry Springer with tons of cash. I am so tired of seeing celebrity news on CNN. Stop.

Is it really any wonder why so many celebrities are kinda nuts and whacked out in some way? Seriously leave people the hell alone.

In other news I just made a really good cup of tea and I'm going to go enjoy it now.

I'm too cranky for this today.

Homo Out.

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