Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Welcome to the Pit Mother Fucker.

Okay so thus far today I've done the following:

  • Almost fell down on 1st avenue.
  • Spritzed myself liberally with very hot water.
  • Almost spilled "black pearl" loose eyeshadow all over my counter.
  • Nearly squirted toner in my eye.
  • Poked said eye with eyeliner.
  • Snotted on myself.
  • Left without my umbrella even though it looks like it will start pissing rain.
  • Worn an entirely cute but non warm outfit.

So yeah. Starting out a winner.

However. The outfit and make up are very good. I'm not loving the shoes but, I haven't yet gotten new summer flats and for once I didn't feel like wearing boots.

Also listening to MurderDolls while getting ready is nice. Yelling "YOU MOTHERFUCKERS MAKE ME WANT TO SLIT MY WRISTS" before noon is probably not a good way to make friends with the neighbors.

Brain is not entirely functional yet. Allergy/back meds kicking my ass.

Fuck it I'm going to listen to blues and drink my cocoa.

Homo Out.


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