Tuesday, April 24, 2007

French Press coffee.

I remain by a statement I made maybe two years ago that French Press Coffee remains the only civilized thing in this fucking country. I have a pot brewing right next to me and it smells so good I'm wet.

it makes my day a little better.

The color of this coffee is really gorgeous. Very dark. A color I remember wishing my skin was as a little kid. I had (and still have) an absolute LOVE of very dark skin. I'm talking >Grace Jones dark. For you younger folks think Alek Wek but maybe a shade or four darker.

While on the topic of other black women can I talk about some delicious here? No not that nut from Flavor of Love.

I'm talking delicious like you want to eat them whole with a spoon.

Meshell Ndegeocello. Can I tell you people I have been in love with her since the first time I heard her voice? That when I saw her bald and gorgeous on stage I didn't know if I wanted to bum rush the stage and hump her leg or lay at her feet weeping? Delicious.

Angie Stone. Before she was on reality TV before she was D'Angelo's babies Mama I heard her voice and good lord. The afro, her skin, her voice. She is delicious. Her video "Brotha" is gorgeous. It's a beautiful song. Go love her I'll wait here.

And okay, India Arie. How can I be talking about beautiful black women without talking about her? I can't. Her song Brown Skin makes my skin vibrate with want. Delicious.

Venus and Serena Williams. Good Lord. Muscles, talent, muscles. Wait did I mention the muscles? No I am not a tennis fan but how can I NOT love these girls. The clips, that power "UH" hell yeah.

Nikki Giovanni her voice and spirit and sparkling eyes. If I were fifteen years older I would woo her. Probably not with poetry but I'd do something. Prostrate myself at her feet just to hear her whisper some of the poems from her book of love poems. I'd die.

Okay hold on.

I have been heart broken and derailed. She is not black but yes, is delicious. KD Lang. I have been in love with her for years. I saw her in concert and sat in this big group of seriously butch dykes crying my fucking eyes out the whole goddamn time.

So I was fairly composed until I found her doing Hallajah which is my number one favorite single song of all fucking time. I've heard many versions. Most of them make me teary but hers just hurts it's so damn good. Go see it here. Oh that just killed me I watched it four times.

I want to sit in a room and listen to that on my headphones for three hours straight. Then go to sleep while it's playing.

Now I think I'm a little spent.

I'm going to watch Tom Waits videos on youtube. Do some test calls and finish my coffee.

I love you folks.

*Shimmy* towards Pollyland.

And I hope you are all okay in Busty Rusty land.

Homo Out.

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