Monday, April 23, 2007

Greedy and whatnot.

I want a new dress so bad. It makes me really sad. Probably more so than is needed I think it's the return of the warm weather and my brokeness.

Yes. The brokeness again.

Not dead broke but broke enough that going out and buying a new dress is not a great idea.

I really hate feeling down when it's so nice out.

I think I'm still mostly just overwhelmed that there are so many must take care of financial things I have no room for fun.


In other news I am still looking for an actual part time job of some sort. One of the unfortunate parts of living in the burbs is the sheer number of kids who work for minimum wage. Means less crap jobs for grown ups. I did however figure out that a.)I actually wouldn't mind working some kind of retail job weekends. IFf for no other reason than to have a good discount somewhere.

Also in good news Mike did some work at a local computer store and got my computer (her name is cunty Beast and I love her) more memory and a new video card. So I've been playing some of the games I have that used to lag and get cranky. YAY.'

What else?

Oh my poetry book is about done. Two more things to do then I upload and publish. No ISBN because that costs 100$ I don't have so it'll be all sold via my Lulu storefront which I'll link when it's time.

What else?

Not much entirely. I'm mostly focused on trying to get my life straightened out and into some sort of more manageable state of chaos. Less so chaotic and stressful that I want to stab myself in the eye, more chaotic enough so I want to sit back and enjoy.

Well not sit back. I don't do that like ever for the most part. I'm not really good with the relaxation.

That's okay though I suppose. I'll learn someday not to be such a running fool.

Now it's time for some water. Back to cruising craigslist for werk.


Homo Out.

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