Monday, April 16, 2007

I like presents.

So I can't sleep per usual so I've been making beauty wishlists. Good lord.

Call me a whore but I don't care. Send me presents and I might show you my boobs.

I also accept e gift cards with a glad glad heart.

So first is Urban Decay because much as I don't care for their customer service, I do love their fucking expensive ass products. Which apparently they don't have a send link so I can't display it. Suffice it to say my wishlist is chock full of lipgloss, glittery liquid eyeliners and fabulous shadows. Fuckers.

Next up is Torrid. The bitch and I are back together for now.

See it here. Mmm clothes. If you look you'll notice the thigh high hosiery is sized up. Mainly because I have teh thighs o' doom and hate it when stockings roll or pinch my fat. It annoys me and it's not cute. A little too big is WAY better than a little too small.

I am also really into socks right now.

One thing that annoys me is the plethora of nylon based fancy socks. Nylon makes my feet sweat. But I will suffer stank foot for cute socks. Onwards.

Sock it To me Skull socks
. Also this store gets bonus points for having thinner and bigger models. Big bonus points.

Argyle with skulls. Fucking hawt.

Ninja socks. Who doesn't need ninja fucking socks? Come on people.

Dresses. I am really wanting dresses right now. I have one casual one.
Rock Steady Spider House Dress Such a cute dress.

HotRod Voodoo Pirate Circle Skirt
that is so fucking cute it hurts my head.

Other garments:
Rock Steady Spider Cardigan who doesn't love a big titty girl in a tight sweater?

Goddamn man. As mentioned below I need to make more monies if for nothing else than to have a fabulous wardrobe. And the loot to buy materials to make more fabulous wardrobe.

It's five in the fucking morning I should try to sleep now. Off to dream of fabulous things hopefully.

Homo Out.

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