Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Monday Monday

So it's totally a Monday today. My bus was super late then had a ten minute stop because of an electrical problem.

However it's not all bad. has a new podcast up that I will probably listen to later.

And Cuteoverload brought it with the that is so fucking cute I shit cotton balls.

No seriously follow the trail then ya know, bring me coffee and pie.

Everyone should also go check out what I've been listening to lately. See that .

What else?

I did not do any sort of pretty making over the weekend. It was actually kind of a chore to treat my hair so whatever. My skin is really mad at me for neglecting it but I'm so tired I kinda laugh and say, "YEAH screw you too."

I'm still loving my organic goatmilk soap though that shit is pretty damn cool.

I'm thinking more and more lately it's time to integrate with the wordpress. Seriously I think maybe I should just integrate my beauty blog with my regular blog and blogger can suck a dick.

Actually yeah I should look into that.

What else?

Not much actually except I think I found a method of doing synth dreads that I can actually do. I would be really excited about that. It's not the method but whatever. I do not have that kind of cash or travel budget.

I'm thinking a head full of wrapped black and purple dreads would be fucking cool.

I think that's all for now I'm freaking tired and my tummy is kind of upset.

Homo Out.

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