Monday, April 16, 2007

Money Making and whatnot.

So in my eternal quest for more income I'm doing a lot of GPT and affiliate type stuff.

Tiring but necessary.

I'm not doing anymore online sales for now because I seriously dislike the PO closest to my house.

However I have found some more drop ship options that I am looking into.

The bottom line is that I am tired of working for the man for peanuts. Like every other jackass with a computer and a fragile bank account I search and search and search. I don't want to become rich. Granted that would be pretty cool but, for now I'd just be comfortable being comfortable. Not worrying about every penny and budgeting myself into a lather.

Pocket money is a good thing.

In other news my poetry book is 95% done. I've got it edited, formatted and my front cover created. All that is left to do is a title page, back cover and upload. Then maybe create some banners and get to pimping. I'm thinking I will probably charge 10$. I priced it out at Lulu and that seems to be an appropriate price.

I'm still kind of hemming and hawing about creating a myspace page for it. But yeah whatever. If I'm going to pimp it I might as well go big yes?

I'm not entirely over my issues with self publishing but, I think that doing this will satisfy the desire I've had to do a chapbook since I was a kid. This isn't exactly what I had in mind back then. Back in the day what I wanted to do was one of those crappily xeroxed punk rock hand stapled monstrosities that I was so in love with. I remember I used to have quite a collection of them that I'd bought everywhere or snatched from free piles.

Even the ones that weren't very good i coveted because it represented something to me that I to this day can't really name. Some feeling that I've accomplished something very cool. Even if everyone reads it and says, "go cry emo kid". I don't actually care.

I also think that finally completing this will free me up to get on with some other things creatively speaking. Purge one obsession and grow another I suppose.

I am still kicking around the idea of doing some kind of spoken word CD. I'm a little leery though, I don't want to go crazy with this self publishing Lulu thing. I don't want to be one of those authors. Hard to explain but I just don't.

Not much else going on. I still have a few submissions out there in the ether but I'm not holding my breath. I did finally grow some balls and resubmitted to a magazine I LOVE and the one where the editor actually asked to see more of work.

Ugh. The shy writer.

Fucking stupid.

What else?

I keep having a recurring fantasy that involves nothing more exciting than spending say half a year doing whatever I please. Not working, writing, walking, going out for coffee, laying about naked, maybe going to the zoo outlandishly dressed and spending some quality time talking to the reptiles. Also in there would be doing things like eating a lot of fabulous desserts and fruit. And probably getting a lot more tattoos at my leisure.

Sense the theme here?

Yes, right now my entire fantasy fueled desires revolves around relaxing. Gods I've gotten boring.

I suppose I can feel a little better since part of that fantasy revolves around traipsing around town in a tiara.

I think that's about all for now. I'm going to eat a stale peep (mmmm best part of the Bunny holiday) and probably do a little writing.

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