Friday, April 27, 2007

What hell you say?

Still having kind of a week but I'm feeling a little better.

Glad the week is over I'm fucking exhausted.

In other news I am in dire need of a manicure and am going to give myself one Sunday. Sunday is for pretty making. I will probably wax my eyebrows too because they looked at me this morning when I put my make up on and said, "BITCH PLEASE"

I am so in love with the KD Lang album "Hymns of the 49th Parallel." Ye gods.

As mentioned in my previous entry her doing "Hallelujah" makes me ache in fantastic and terrible ways.

I'm still honestly kind of depressed. Failed ventures tend to do that to me. Especially when at first it was in fact going so well and I had plans. But whatever I guess.

My photoshop is broken and that makes me really sad. Really -really- sad.

And I think I'm spent I feel droopy.

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