Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Accessories an me...I have a problem.

Hi, My name is Shannon and I am a purse addict.

I fucking love purses. And other accessories.

I pared down my collection quite a bit in the last few years. Ihave 2 full size soft sided briefcase messenger bags, 1 smalish black ammo bag(messenger bag with cute little pockets), 1 Elvis Purse, 1 fantastic purple carryall style purse, 1 black and red flame demonia purse, 1 small black clubbing purse, 1 burlap/black Goddess tote bag, 1 old raggedy black backpack.

Probably one or two others i'm forgetting here. You get my point here. I love purses and I am in the market for a new one. Here are some I'm liking.

That purse is so damn cute. Does anything else say me except a purse that says fuck all over it.

Next I want this belt I had one at some point but it's gone now.

Jingle jangle look how my gluteous dangle. My homage to Missy.

SO freaking cute. With enough room for all my assorted crap.

Okay I need to stop now I need an intervention. We won't even discuss shoes mmkay?

Now Homo Really Out.


1 comment:

jennifer said...

omg i was just searching black purse fuck... saw it in a store and wanted it, but thought $30 may be too much. so i came home and googled it and happened upon your post; i am a beginner purse addict and was wondering if you knew where to get that one? thanx!

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