Friday, May 18, 2007

And your gay boots too.

I want boots. BOOTS.

ActuallY i want the following pairs of boots. Size 7 please kthnks.

Converse Black and white Tartan plaid boots. Oh my GAWD those are so fucking cute I would rock them.

Jam out with my ham out. TD..that's for you babe.

Black Doll Boots. How cute are those? Those would be teh hot sex with a short skirt and some fishnets and or stripey tights like in the picture on yours truly.

Big this represent.

Reaper 30 hole boots. hotness. Thems is Ass kicking boots.

And just to prove I love all shoes equally.

Purple Star Mary Janes.
So cute. I freaking love Mary Janes of all stripes.

Skull platform Sandals.
Sandals with big foam platform like that are SO fucking comfortable. Like walking on pillows but cuter.

I love shoes and boots.

In other news I am in a FAR better mood today. Several bills are paid, I hae sweet Thai tea and take out from Waynes to eat today. And I look freaking cute.

Full length black column skirt, underwire cami from Torrid, black long sweater coat. Mini buns on my head.

Pink make up today.

One more bill to take care of then I am buying a pair of very cute short pants from someone on LJ. I've never had short pants like that but they are cute and a super steal.

I am thinking I will wear those with a pair of wedges. See good reason to buy new shoes.

Can we talk about treats that make me have mouthgasms?

Thai sweet tea from Thailand (not the crap pawned off in the "ethnic" section of the fucking store) is so damn good.

So fucking sweet though makes my teeth hurt but it is SO fucking good.

Holy crap Beth Ditto is going to be in Vogue. Are they going to redeem themselves after I was so disappointed in the Jennifer Hudson layout? I hope so.

I'm late with the whole Beth Ditto thing and I really enjoy her presentation. LIke a lot of other people I admire she doesn't appear to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to be the "palatable" fat girl. As The Rotund (who you should read I love her) talked about the other day the whole idea of having to be palatable so people accept you is bullshit.

Granted she put it more politely than I do but we all know I am not always polite.

I take serious issue with this idea and have come across it all of my life. From the term, "positive black woman" to just the implication that in order to be accepted (because whatever perceived difference I have is SO hard to deal with) I should behave and present myself in a certain prescribed fashion to make it easier on everyone else.

My response?

Fuck you.

No really fuck you.

I have absolutely no inclination to "tone down" or dumb down for anybody. If you want to dislike me or pigeon hole me do it but, know that I won't change myself to suit what you want. Won't happen.

The whole idea that it behooves a person to be less than entirely who they are just to make it easy for other people to deal just pisses me off to no end. And nobody has ever been able to tell me why it's good to coddle people that way. I see no benefit in letting someone keep their tender little bubble intact.

Fuck em.

Now I am going to go thrifting on the internets.

I've got my eye on a waitress dress and cute fishnet tshirt thing with Sid Vicious on it.

Homo Out.


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The Rotund said...

You just killed me with shoes. That ebay seller is going to get some of my money very very soon.

And thanks for the link. I am so glad you are reading!

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