Friday, May 18, 2007

Cranky but surviving.

My crankiness is mitigated by the very tasty left over lo mein I just ate.

It's a good thing I have no intention of going out tonight because given my mood I would almost certainly get in a bar fight.

I will cut a bitch today.

I am also soothed because One Hung Low is going to make me a fantastic pork based dinner tonight and I am going to drink tasty wine and perhaps get a little snockered.

Good times.

In other news I look fucking hot today. I am wearing my favorite jeans, black flats, black slightly too small (but makes the boobs like DAMN) and a retro pimp style beige nubby textured jacket thing I bought at Value Village eons ago and haven't worn in forever. It'd be better with a slightly less flared darker pair of jeans and cowboy boots but whatever I still look hot.

My thrifting expedition on LJ yesterday was fruitful. Not only am I buying the aforementioned cute short pants but a cute black tshirt with fishnet sleeves and Sid Vicious on it. And, hold your drawers the screened image on it is violently pink.

I know, I think I'm losing it to but whatever it will look hot with my asymmetrical hem skirt.

That's how I shop. I don't tend to buy complete outfits rather I find bits and pieces and match them with things I already have. It's actually quite handy. Also one of the bonuses of shopping online for me is that I am very aware of what I like and what I can work with.

I am still kind of in search of a cute summer dress but I'm not overly worried.

I think I am going to spend most of the weekend after laundry and a possible forray to Goodwill digging in my box of clothes to see what works and what doesn't. Such a fucking task.

I might also attempt another braidout on my hair maybe. If I relax this weekend who knows.

I think that's all I'm not really in ze mood today.

Homo Out.


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