Friday, May 25, 2007

Good Lord.

My body and I are getting along slightly better today. The relationship was bolstered by a tasty banh mi sammich from the Vietnamese market up the street, I had a bit of that, some very yummy fish of some sort, some noodles, a banana and Thai sweet tea.


Also lots o water and we are again on mostly speaking terms.

I am missing (you may see boobies clicking here)Thomas Roche reading because I still live in fucking Seattle. I think he would be a homie if I lived closer.

Anyway. It's goth night in the gay club up in here. WHen I say that I mean I'm listening to Darkwave and such at my desk. My desk is the gay club.

I'm talking super gay.

I'm talking like naked men wearing rainbow socks and sparkly silver boots.

Super. Gay.

Can you tell I really need to go to Pride or something? I need some homos. I miss my gay boyfriend Mikee.


In other news I watched the saucy new Marilyn Manson video. It's kinda like watching porn but not quite as good. However the faux(?) sex sequences were actually pretty hot. I have no idea who his girlfriend is (some young actress) but they make some pretty lovin together. I'd hit it. Both of them actually.

But then again I've harbored a latent desire to bend over Marilyn Manson for years now. Seriously he brings out the evil Leather Daddy in me. in a bad way.

However, he's not really the kind of boy I'd hurt on purpose. Ok well maybe a little but not bad.

Someone like that kid from H.I.M on the other hand I would fucking wreck. Seriously. His wee bum would never be the same.

Oh yeah if you're new I'm kind of a pervert. ANd sometimes I like to do evil things to boys. Kinda queer boys.

And I need to stop that before I get all twitchy in the pants area.

Actually no let's stay on the topic of the queer dirty things in my head.

I saw this butch I have a big of a crush on. It's the brush cut and hot glasses that do me in I swear. So today I see her walking by the bus stop downtown and she stops to say hi. Then proceeds to tell me how tasty i smell and that I look pretty today.

I am SUCH a sucker for a gentlemanly butch who likes to give compliments.

I am also a sucker for adorable babydykes.

The other day I saw this babydyke couple and they were just the cutest things ever. I wanted to put them in my purse and carry them around they were so cute. All smoochy and giggly and whatnot. SO freaking cute.

There is something about very young gay couples of whatever stripe that just makes me giggly and go 'awwwwwwwwwwwwww'. I like to see them frolicking in the streets. Like little gay lambs.

Oh my GOD did I just say little gay lambs?

Was that too gay?


I'm very tempted to want to get hoochified and go out this weekend. However my wardrobe for clubbing of any kind is sorta lacking. Woe is freaking me man.

Ok I'm about done here.

I'm going to drink water and ogle clothing.

Homo Out.


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Always Your Precious Evil... said...

Hey Nudemuse,

I realize it's been a dog's age since I've written. I've actually been working on an email to you for quite some time. It's practically a novella by this point, but only recently has it occurred to me that I don't have your current email address (It was in the address book of a now-defunct email I used to use, and I've managed to misplace the downloaded contact list that I made before abandoning that address). Lame of me, I know, but I figure you'll read this at some point, and perhaps will drop me a line to let me know what it is, so that I can write you on things that are better left unshared publicly. I haven't blogged in a while, but I'm happy to see that you haven't slowed down any. The best email to drop me a line at is anthony.beal (at)

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