Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An homage to my boobies.

Ir's really beautiful out today and it makes me very happy. I am wearing a new favorite summer outfit.

Satin ballet flats, black bright pink and white diagonal striped asymetrical hem skirt (that I have owned for over a year and a half but not worn for some reason) and my black under wire cami from Torrid.

An almost entirely thrifted outfit that is comfy and makes me feel cute.

Also I have very tasty Vietnamese take out to nibble on. Barbecued pork, spring rolls and noodles. Tasty.

I discovered this morning while buzzing my legs with the clippers this morning I noticed that hair does not grow on the back sides of my calves.

How is it I just now noticed that?

Also how is it that after not shaving since fucking November I still only had some fuzz. My lack of fur is disappointing. Seriously. If I'm not going to shave for half a year I'd like something to show for it. It makes me grumpy.

And no, before anyone asks the not shaving is absolutely not a political thing. It's very simple. I'm lazy and have very sensitive skin that doesn't like razors near it.

I have a gigantic Bosch pear sitting right in front of my keyboard that looks fucking fantastic. I love pears.

Oh right I titled this an homage to my boobies. So now words of love dedicated to my boobies.

Oh my boobies,
So big and brown.
Soft and comfy.
Still pretty perky.
I know I call you names sometimes.
But I still love you.
D cups of joy.

Ok that's it.

I'm going to nibble on my pear and put some lotion on my ashy feet.

Homo out.


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