Tuesday, May 01, 2007


So I'm again cruising the interwebs and I'm finding some really cool things that give me ideas.

Ideas are good.

I have a serious goal to get back into sewing because stuff I like is freaking expensive.


I really love this overdress style. Very versatile looking and I bet if I made one with sleeves in a heavier fabric it would make a nice fall coat.

I also have this plan in mind to redo a coat given to me by a coworker. It's cute but not my style so I want to turn it into a three quarter length monster fur coat with a hood and ears.

I'm pricing materials and have been coming up with a plan to make the Beasty Coat live.

My ultimate goal here is to get to a point that I can just whip up whatever outlandish winged, chain having, furry outfit I get an itch for and thus save a shitload of money in the process. Which would leave money for fabulous shoes.

And who doesn't need their wardrobe to turn into a stygian morass of velvet and shiny things? Exactly.

I think I love Kiera Knightley a little bit right now. I just read this quote:

Talking about seeing Ditto at a Gossip gig she told Elle magazine: 'When she was performing she started taking all her clothes off. I stood there watching her strip, thinking, 'Oh my God, that woman is so sexy.'

I think that was a very cool thing of her to say. And from the rest of the article I don't think she was being facetious which I love even more.

I think it's sad that she gets picked on so much. Yes she is a very skinny girl. And from what she's said goddamn it leave her the hell alone about it. It makes me sad that she's made to feel badly about her body. Fucking stop. And how people are reacting makes me ill.

And really if any celebrity is actually suffering from an eating disorder does harassing them help? No. Frankly I'm over the whole debate. Let people work it out if they need to and leave them the fuck alone while they are doing it.

It's fairly maddening.

Onto happier things.

I ate some Beltane chocolate and will probably dance around a little.

I think this year I might actually celebrate Midsummer. I think going to the Summer Solstice Parade and Pageant might do me some spiritual/soul good. Naked Bicyclists and other random strange people is a good thing.

That would be a good excuse to dress up in sparkly fairy wear and make with the cuteness. That would be fun.

What else?

Not much actually altough I do have a favor to ask.

I signed up for this silly send money via text message etc service and for every person I refer I earn 5$. All you have to do is get an email sign up with any phone number, get a call at that number, listen to the message and press 1. I get five dollars and if you decide to use it you get 5$ too.

I want to make 40 dollars so I can purchase a relaxer and a few other random girl type things that I am otherwise too broke to buy.

Comment with email and I will send you an invite.

Now I'm off to do other GPT type things and try to earn some more loots for stuff.

Homo Out.

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