Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kind of in the love now.

Okay so I have read some of Violet Blue's works. Oh and fair warning probably NONE of my links today are going to be at all work safe.

So I was cruising around the interwebs and I think I found her blog via um...I'm not sure. Anyhow I've never heard her speak before but I've seen her kinda naked which is a weird thing about the internet but oh my good LORD I now have a huge crush.

I think Violet Blue is freaking adorable. Like I want to hug her and do girl tihngs with her adorable. So I was reading her blog and started watching her video blog posts and I am in girl love. I want to buy her coffee or alternately a drink and talk about the shade of lipstick she was wearing in video two while she's talking about her cat.

And I kinda wanna be doing what she's doing when I grow up.

No seriously.

She makes all my happy areas tingle. Smart, cute, writer, cool glasses, de-porned her house for pre kitty adopting but missed the SUPER porn on her wall, funny. That just makes me all excited.

And a little sad I don't live in a cooler fucking city.

I was going to comment but yeah I got shy. Shut up it's not funny.

I also really want to go to Sex Educator Training Classes at SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information).


I did this project thing at work today that reminds me how much I fucking hate data entry and cannot believe I used to actually enjoy it. I did at one time. Wow.

Listening to Etta James makes it a lot better.

Listening to her music makes me want to do burly q. I bet I could learn how to spin tassles to W-O-M-A-N.

Well I can sorta picture it in a I don't actually think I'm at a point where I am gonna get naked in public again.

Did I mention I've been at wotk since 11:30 this morning and I am really seriously tired. I am too old to be working super long shifts.

All this girl love nonsense today leads to me think about the fact that I have not been consuming very much porn lately nor have I written very much at all. Mainly I think it's because I am finding a lot of current mainstream (even fetish) porn makes me make faces.

There are lots of things I prefer not to see in my porn:

Anything that alludes to the youngins. I don't want schoolgirls/boys. It truly creeps me out. Especially when the "legal" girl/boy in question is done up in teenagerish clothing and has no pubes. EW. Icky.

I also do not want to see girls/boys choking on cocks, fists, strap ons whatever. I know that's like a thing these days but i am not into it. I've seen enough people gag and puke kthnks.

Also, don't want to see the "XTREME" insertions. Really. I realize a vagina can yanno pass a human being but, that doesn't mean I get all twiddly in my pants when I see someone shoving a foot, football, what have you into one. Also, I love the buttholes but same idea I just don't wanna see it. In other words, I don't wanna see your colon.

And the whole shaving thing. I want to see some fucking pubes and not have it be labeled a "bizarre" movie.

And please if your stars can't act, just don't let them do it. Let them be naked and hot and screw but please no acting.

I want to see porn where it looks like the people are into it/each other. I'd like to see less ginormous implants on super skinny girls. I'd like to see some jiggly butts and people who come so hard all they can do is giggle.

Is that a lot to ask?

Apparently these days it is.

Most of the porn I like anymore is fairly old especially considering just how many porn movies are made every year. I can't imagine just how many that is but considering it's a multi billion dollar industry it's a lot.

Some of my favorites? Anything with Annie Sprinkle uh yeah DUH. I like Femme Fatale media of course. Uum...yeah lots of other stuff I can't remember the names of.

I like good porn.

However anymore I enjoy reading it far more.

More about that some other time. No more for now.

Homo Out.


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