Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oh man.

Okay I just read that Ricki Lake is now a size 4. I don't even want to link the story.

That makes me kinda sad.

What is it with the size 4? Aside from it being a sample size. I read an old interview with Kelis where in part of the interview she said something to the effect that since she's a size 4 and has some other thing she's entirely super fabulous.

Granted if losing weight means better health and/or being happy do it but good lord.


I don't feel like trying to dissect my feelings about it right now.

In other news one of my FAVORITE places to buy relatively cheap plus size clothes is no longer such a good deal. They had a huge site redesign and now nothing over a size L. They went from having about 300 choices to a single page of cheap looking ugly shirts.

I am really sad now.

Their sizing runs really small as it is.

I think that these are signs. No seriously I do.

I'm finding more and more of my favorite clothing is becoming unavailable in my size. Which is telling me I hope that I really need to start making my own clothes again.

I've got ideas out the wazoo.

Now just need the loot to make some of them reality.

Barring that donations to the Shannon needs new fucking clothes fund. Payable in cash, check or sexual favors.

Okay I think I'm about done here I am going to go ogle some uh...stuff.


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