Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sad start to the day.

I just wrote this on a forum I belong to (HAAAAY LCHF)

I take the bus to and from work and today when I got off of the bus this is what I saw. A man who'd been shoved out of his wheelchair sitting on the sidewalk bleeding and nobody stopping to even see if he was okay. Nobody had to that point even been kind enough to move his wheelchair to where he could get to it and get himself in it.

This made me late for work but, I stopped and he told me how to position his wheelchair so he could pull himself up into it. I helped him pick up his tihngs off of the ground (after yelling at people to stop stepping on his stuff) then I took him to a coffee shop because his face was bleeding.

The people in the store were so rude and mean. I had to buy a cup of coffee I didn't want just so he could go into the bathroom to wipe the blood off of his face. He wasn't scratched up too badly but still. And the whole time I was in there I got the stink eye from employees.

What is wrong with people? I got back on the bus and sat there almost in tears. He didn't even see who pushed him over because he got shoved from behind and he'd been laying there for more than five minutes without any help.

I am so sad for humanity right now.

That was about an hour and a half/two hours ago. I was in a good mood when I left the house and on my busride but that really upset me.

Why do some people have to be such assholes? It's not necessary.

So yeah. My perky got tainted.

I do however have on one of my favorite outfits. My underwire cami from Torrid and my miracle DKNY jeans that I bought for less than 15$ that actually fit, and my studded belt and comfy flats. Hoody of course because I get cold.

That is SO not what I wanted to talk about today.

Actually what I want to talk about today is the first woman other than a relative whom I saw naked.

I can't remember her name but she was my best friend's Mom. We were 5-6 years old and her parents (I can't remember her name either let's call her Petal because I remember she was a very fine petal pink color generally speaking) were both artists. Dad a painter and Mom a scupltress.

I was fascinated by Petal's parents art. Even back then I had a huge love and awe of artistically inclined people. People who could draw an actual human being it was magic to me. So I was delighted as you can imagine when Petal's Dad let us watch him paint.

Then one time, one magical raining day her Mom was posing and we sat essentially silently for an entire afternoon watching. Petal and I held hands and occasionally got up for water or whatever but mostly just sat and watched. Petal's Mama was nekkid and I was entranced.

Her Mom (I remember so vividly I can see it in my head) was more on the swarthy side where Petal and her father were both light pink blonds. Mom was browner with long very dark brown hair, brown nipples and the most gorgeous thatch of dark brown pubes. She had bush and I thought she was amazing.

She had pert chubby small breasts, and dressed she looked very thin. Naked she looked small but fleshy in a cuddly way. She had a round little pot belly that she laid a hand on, her other arm was up with her head resting on it. Most of the time I think she was actually napping, but occasionally she'd open an eye and wink at us or smile a little. She had a crooked front tooth and a very full lower lip. I thought that next to my Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma she was the prettiest woman I'd ever seen up close.

I remember going home and babbling for hours to my Mom about seeing her naked and asking how come Petal's Mom's boobs were a different size than her boobs, and when would I have boobs and pubes. Though even then I said boobies and fur. (See some thing never change) After that I was all about examining the differences between women, noticing them and enjoying them.

I also remember that a family "friend" had been there when I was talking ot my Mom about it and she terrorized me by getting angry about the situation. She wanted us to call CPS on the family because they had naked people (Mom Dad and Petal were frequently naked people) and their art works featured mostly anatomically correct naked people (Mom Dad and Petal again). I was so afraid for them I remember crying because I didn't understand.

That lady in her outrage and (as I understand it now) shameful behaviour scared the tar out of me. I remember trying to explain to her that they weren't you know "doing it" but they were just naked and they were two different things. I tried to tell her how much I liked being naked and you can imagine she got angrier.

I don't remember ever seeing her again after that.

I was a very naked child. I spent a vast majority of my childhood either naked or in the process of getting naked. I remember being at Sea Tac mall back when really the only thing in there was the movie theatre, a restaurant and Sears with a few stores here and there. My parents were talking to other adults and I got too hot. It was also way too hot in that mall and I proceeded to alleviate my overheated wee self by you guessed it stripping to my ruffle butt panties I of course felt much better but my parents weren't too thrilled.

My parents however were usually pretty gentle about my nudism. They never overreacted or made me feel ashamed of my want to be naked. They did eventually get me to understand that some places were not naked places and that worked for me.

I think that part of my upbringing has helped me in numerous ways especially when it comes to body image. Granted my body image isn't always great but, I think it's maybe a little easier for me to work on it because I don't have that backbone of shame around my naked body.

OH before I go if you like to read about sexuality you can read the whole text of XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography by Wendy McElroy (YEAH) online.

That's all.

Homo Out.


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