Friday, May 11, 2007

Things that are bliss.

I have never been a huge chocolate lover. I have a voracious and discerning sweet tooth but chocolate has never really done it for me until now.

I never understood my Mom's love of chocolate, that slight flush and immediate glee of the chocolate lover. I poo-poo'd the chocolate simulates love in the brain articles. I laughed at my chocolate addict friends.

Until two weeks ago.

My darling One Hung Low (see link at right for his blog, bother him to update it) brought home the following and now, I'm an addict.

Hershey's special dark chocolate with a flavor of espresso. The great tasting chocolate bar with a wonderful taste of expresso.

Oh, my ever loving chocolate dipped holy shit I want to snort this stuff or shoot up with it Married Mother of Hank.

If melted down I could slam this straight into my jugular I would.

I have fallen into chocolate love.

Now I realize it has no actual espresso in it but, until I had that I had never thought to put these two things together. Dark chocolate which I love and espresso..yeah DUH. Oh MAH GAWD

Then I find out it's limited edition. Which means that our local off price grocery store will probably have them for awhile since apparently Mike and I are the two of maybe four people who ever buys the dark chocolate when they have it. Go figure.

Good lord.

Today is better.

I am such a foody. And I'm tired of being broke and unable to enjoy the food as much as I'd like. I miss eating fish. I really miss finding tasty new treats at Wayne's grocery.

Not that Wayne's is expensive but, every time I go in there I come out with about 20 dollars worth of tasty instant ginger drinks from Singapore and tasty sweet tea in thick cans from Thailand.

Goddamn I started this hours ago and forgot after Bloggers downtime. Why don't do they that on off hours? I work in telecom, you don't take down whole ginormous services and schedule it early evening. That's dumb.


Speaking of delicious I am wearing a favorite DIY'd to death skirt.

It's bright red and ankle length, swishes around my feet when I walk with a pretty lettuce edged hem. It started life as a retro-ish sundress with spaghetti straps and a ruffle around the top but, it looked weird on me. So off went the ruffle and I was in the process of making it into a skirt a few months ago when I realized I had no elastic.

So instead of that I kept most of the bodice and just pin the top hem to the bottom band of my bra and voila.

You people have no idea I can make magic with safety pins and you'd never know.

Today as I was pinning I looked in the mirror and from the bra down I really like how this thing fits me so I think it may well be recycled yet again and made into a dress with either a halter top or maybe a tank style top.

On the subject of clothes let's talk about Hot Topic.

I know I know Go Cry Emo Kid and spend a shitload of money but it wasn't always like that.

I recall (dating myself much here?) when the first area Hot Topic opened in South Center mall. I was among their first handfull of customers and I remember I had heard about this mystical Hot Topic store and saved money for it. I bought two issues of Gothic Beauty a now defunct goth magazine called I believe it was Carpe Noctem, a studded sparkly purple vinyl collar (come on now I haven't changed that much obviously) and some other bits and pieces.

I loved that store. It was at the time the only place I didn't have to dig and dig and dig through racks for black clothing. It was affordable and I loved their version of Lip Service Serious Clothing, etc. It was the only place I was old enough to get into for clothes like that.

Granted the quality wasn't great but was comparable with the cost.

This was before it was quite so mainstream to let your freak flag fly.

Hot Topic is a prime example of what happens to something cool when you mix huge amounts of money, mainstream fashion and teenagers. Now just about any store you go into you'll be able to find shit with skulls spikes or any other formerly freaky little doodad on it.

I think a lot of the scene furor over the demise of Hot Topic as a "cool" place to shop is a tad whiny. It's how culture works. I don't worry about it. In another few years it will be some other thing and Hot Topic will die off or the flocks of actual freaky people will return.

Fear not actual Freaks. Be patient.

Oh my good LORD I was just reading Modblog in another window and saw this not safe for work unless nobody minds nekkid boobies photo of a cute pregnant tattooed girl in the bathtub. How pretty is that?

I also like this marginally safer unless you are offended by butt crack photo as well.

I would really love someday to do a series of self portraits. And write essay type things to go along with them. I like to take the odd self portrait and I think it would be beneficial to me. I'm not sure nor do I really care if it would be beneficial or sell able to other people. It's one of those things I feel the need to do.

I think that's enough babbling for now.

Tomorrow though I am talking about my fuzzy legs, my opinion about shaving in general and probably something else odd.


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