Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm Bossy....

First off go read Fatfu today. Right now.

No seriously again I'll wait and it'll open in a new window or tab. Go NOW. Done fantastic.

First of all I am wearing make up today that is the hot fucking sex but I have no foto because my webcam decided to take a gigantic crap while I was trying to take it. So I will describe it for you.

It's very retro and cute. Not a look I do often. I colored my upper lid in Jane Colorsticks eyeliner/shadow in my boyfriend. A word about that product it goes on nowhere near as dark as it looks. It is however a good very very dark sparkly gray which served the purpose well. I did a slighly exaggerated cat eye. I then went over that with one of my favorite black loose sparkly shadows. Fyrinnae's Bastet. Fabulous sparkly color. Then lots and LOTS of mascara and topped off with a light mauve lipstick. With a hint of clear sparkly gloss.

Very retro badgirl. It would only be better if:

  • It wasn't humid.
  • My allergies weren't acting up.
  • I could have worn foundation without sweating it off.
  • And if I had done some sort of large thing with my hair.

But whatever it's still fucking hawt.

So I feel cute today regardless of the fact I had jacked up sleep and my skin is looking kinda pissed off. But yeah.

What else?

I am obsessed with this drink mix called Zuko that imported from Chile and is super freaking tasty. It's sugarless and tastes like real juice but you get that little Koolaid bite that I love. And bonus it is super cheap at grocery outlet.

I am weird when it comes to drink mixes I like mine tart so I wind up using less than it says to on a package. A supposedly 2 gallon making thinger (such a technical term) of sugarless Koolaid will last me for like 5 liter bottles of water.

Let's talk about catcalling. In many of the various blogs I read people have been talking about it and how to deal. This is my method.

Perplex them until they fuck off.
Scare them.

I like both equally. I am very good at the first because I have a talent for saying random weird shit.

Actually I don't feel like talking about this anymore.

Instead I want to say that I really -really- dig Ducky Doolittle. She is amazingly smart and has a smile that makes me want to smile. And she wears gorgeous lipstick.

She really makes me want to relearn how to walk in heels and be a crackpot sexologist.

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