Monday, June 04, 2007

Lots to talk about today.

First let me say I had a very nice weekend. Saturday One Hung Low and I spent the day walking around running errands.

Picked up some little things, necessities mostly. Walked a lot, sweated a lot. I also got myself a tan line stripe on my nose from my sunglasses.

I also looked hot in my striped asymetrical hem skirt and fluffy halter top. However my boobs were not excited about the strapless bra nor about the almost a little too tight top.

Sunday was a mostly lazy day. Though I did spend a few quality hours with my hair. I did a relaxer then mixed up my own deep conditioning treatment which was very nice.

What else?

Had some random lady at Walgreens get an attitude with me on Saturday for no good reason.

Bonus today I got called a fat bitch on the bus. I was a little amused because it really came out of nowhere which I find funny. The lady sitting behind me spent teh entire half hour on the bus muttering. Fat bitch to me, shut up to the guy asking the bus driver what time we'd arrive in downtown, she called someone else a jackass. Metro can be so amusing sometimes.

I really need to take in the skirt I'm wearing and maybe invest in a petticoat to wear under it. Or I might try to trade it to someone or something. It's way too big and I think it fits kind of funny although I do love the cut.

I'm a little sad I have to give up the cream I use in my hair because I just cannot find it locally and buying online is just not working for me. :( I will probably go back to the Profectiv Break Free products. Which reminds me I should search for a coupon or something.

I feel kind of weird and disheartened today for no apparent reason. Other than maybe i'm a little constipated and bloated. Also vaguely headachy.

And quite honestly I'm a little really tired of interweb drama.

I'm tired of non productive tons o wank. Stop it interweb you're making my head hurt.

I think that's all my head does really hurt and I think I need to make some tea or something.

Homo Out.


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