Monday, June 25, 2007

Purse Envy.

I want a new purse. Like the lovely who posted about purses on Too Fat For Fashion I too am a lover of the big purse. I need a big purse. I love a big purse.

My main requirement is that my huge headphones fit in it. Otherwise no motherfucking go.

That said why am I lusting after those sequined hobo bags when the first time I saw one I actually flinched? What the HAYL is wrong with me?

No seriously people you just do not understand. And it's not just any shiny black hobo bag I want. No I know exactly the one I want now I just have to find it.

It's really a good thing I have a sense of humor about my fashion. I have to I mean come ON I carry on occasion a JailHouse Rock print Elvis purse with matching coin purse.

I might be able to go without the stupid hobo bag if I find a cute tote bag. I'm thinking a Bettie Page or maybe Marilyn Monroe or somesuch.

Must be large+cute=HappyBeasty.

While on the subject of wants I realized this morning while getting dressed that I have no accessories anymore. I used to have a ton of UberGawth type stuff very pretty that I just don't have anymore and that makes me a sad monkey.

So either I learn how to make the shit or I start releasing my choke hold on my wallet and buying it. I am very partial to fancy chokers and large vaguely inappropriate collars. I generally go for all silver I'm not a huge gold fan.

So this means, I need to start getting out of the fucking house at the weekend instead of holing up like an angry fucking groundhog.

So I need to start shopping more at (myspace link heads up it makes noise) The Metro I can't say when I stopped shopping there. I used to shop there a lot. What the FUCK is going on with me? Also note to self, still not crawling out of the batcave. Really. Srsly.

Where was I?

I got distracted by something shiny.

Ok anyhow. Let's talk about me and my irrational fear of starting to sew again.

For some reason it is very highly imprinted in my head that I have not only forgotten how to do anything remotely cool with my sewing machine I also should just not try.

Nevermind the fact that I've had SO many kickass ideas. I really need to get the fuck over it.

*Deep breath*

So I should make myself a hot little totebag. I should also get my stuff together for clothing remixing.

Please self can we not do this whole fucking I can't thing?


Moving on I am still in a terrible kind of lust with brightly colored make up. I just can't help it. When finances are a little smoother I'll be investing in some Kryolan colors. Very excited about that. I think my hard on for Mac is waning a bit. I also need to invest in some more lipgloss. I need new colors.

Speaking of make up I am such a lucky woman that I am involved with a man who I can send to Rite Aid for hair products and make up and who never gets the wrong thing.

Now I'm spent.

I'm going to eat popcorn and finish my monthly soda.


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AdamAnt said...

Boy, I am with you on the creativity bit. I have my little circles of "art", which is mostly just somewhat modified reality around me -- photographs, articles, my book. Nothing purely creative like your writing. And I feel dead because of that. Dead inside. And I wonder if that will ever change...

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