Thursday, June 14, 2007

Things I find tiring.

First for the record since I talk about fat related things a lot.

I don't actually know how much I weigh. Matter of fact I couldn't even really make an educated guess. I'd be way wrong most likely.

Furthermore in discussions about bodies it really fucking annoys me that everyone has to have their disclaimer. The "I'm thin so I know" the "I'm fat so I know" height weight measurements what have you. I hate to break it to people but the only person who really gives a shit about that is you.

Frankly when discussing the politics. Discrimination, hatred, etc how wide your ass is or is not really isn't important.

I know some of you (all four of you) are thinking, "Shannon you fucking twat you talk about your size all the time" yes I do. The key here is context darlings.

When discussing the fit or lack thereof of a piece of clothing I find a size mention, an ass width mention etc to be very helpful. I know my measurements so when someone says that the blablabla didn't fit in the boobies and they have a blablalba inch bust then I can decide hrm, that garment will not cover the D cups o Doom.

I am also tired of anything that clings to old stupid stereotypes. Get over it.

Yes, there are fat people who are healthy. Yes, there are fat people who aren't so healthy.

Yes there are thin people who are angry and miserable and starving. Yes, there are happy healthy thin people.

No, whatever you read on some website six years ago that said that 40% of all people with freckles on their asses are more likely to have a heart attack isn't important and furthermore nobody fucking cares.


Why is it so fucking hard to hear the following: "Don't discriminate against people"


Why does it seem like at every turn someone is trying to find somebody to put on the list of people it's ok to be a dick to?

Gay? Sure why not.
Fat? Sure why not.
White? Sure why not.

Fucking stop already it's getting fucking old and there are way bigger issues to be taken care of.

Why as a cuntry (yes I misspelled that on purpose) do we Amerikans insist on arguing over what is in fact petty shit.

Get over yourselves. Be pissed at shit that will actually impact your fucking life not how big/small/gay/etc someone elses ass is.

How about putting all that vitriol to good use and demanding our schools be improved?

How about getting righteously indignant over the fact that our country is running so far into debt your Grandkids' great grandkids will STILL be paying it off and probably all living in fucking plastic pods because we've used up all the other fucking resources.

Fuck SAKE.

How about demanding that your fucking government take a step back and a look in the fucking mirror before sending your brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and neighbors to fucking die in a place they can't even pronounce the name of?

I am pissed off.

You should be too.

Homo Out.


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