Friday, June 01, 2007

When Activism starts to suck.

I don't hear this talked about often, but I will.

When you're really into a cause, be it fat activism, feminism, whatever there comes a point when it starts to suck.

For me it's when people are being irrational and start looking plain crazy.

When the people who you thought were cool and smart, fabulous people start sounding like they should probably spend more time putting away their tin foil hats rather than protesting whatever.

There have been times in my life when I would gladly speak up and say, "ok we're all on the same side but that's kinda nuts." Or when it's further out there a simple, "are you fucking serious?"

Maybe I'm just a snobby asshole but seriously, don't you look at people sometimes and want to shake them, holler in their face. "You are REALLY NOT FUCKING HELPING WITH THE CRAZY THERE SHUT UP!"

This is not the insane kettle calling the pot a fucking nutter. No I know I am kinda nuts. But, I find I appreciate it when someone will tell me to slow my roll and bring the crazy back a little bit.

Lately I've been biting my tongue about it. Online it's far more difficult to tell someone nicely that they are being crazy. Granted I recognize that someone might have a big reaction to something because of some internal trigger. That is a legitimate thing and it happens to all of us.

What I can't deal with however is when you try to maybe point that out, reason it down to maybe something going on with that person and instead you get:


Then there's the crazy with people who will get butthurt over any perceived un-PCness. When discourse takes a bad turn and becomes policing.

Yes, there are a LOT of words that are incredibly offensive to any number of people. I will never dispute that. However when people come out of the woodwork with 50 year old vernacular meanings, etymology that (unfortunately or not) is no longer entirely relevant. When people come across from their moral super PC high horse and say, 'You shouldn't EVAR say that and you're bad if you do." that irritates the shit out of me.

Do people not see that those kinds of conversations would go so much smoother and maybe have a good outcome if you keep it simple and non-proselytizing? Think about it like this:

Sally Jo says: "Blablabla, POOOOOOOP, blablafuckityblabla"

Milly Jane says: "Don't you know that poop is used to degrade bowels and supports the patriarchy and causes global warming and makes baby Jesus cry? How DARE you use that word in this forum. I'm offended and you are ignorant."

Sally Jo says: "I was fucking talking about taking a shit calm the fuck down"

Milly Jane says: "I will NOT calm down you are ignorant and blablablalbafuckityblablabla"

If you've participated in any sort of online forum we've ALL seen it happen.

Scenerio 2:

Sally Jo says: "Blablabla, POOOOOOOP, blablafuckityblabla"

Milly Jane says: "I get what you're saying here. I agree. Did you know that poop is blablafuckity blabla so I stopped using the word myself,"

Sally Jo says: "wow I didn't know that thanks for the info."

See the difference here?

Being that language and it's use is such a complicated thing it's far more productive to skip the flailing and if need be get over the fact that someone says poop and you say bowel movement.

And while I'm bitching can we talk about something else?

Why is it that everything it seems like these days has to be radicalized? I really feel that willy nilly calling anything outside the mainstream radical and giving it a movement can detract from very serious issues.

Look you don't wear heels? Great. You're not a flat shoe radicalist. Seriously.

Again maybe I'm just being a dick but still. It pisses me the fuck off.

Another reason that upsets me is because people stop paying attention. It's like the whole idea behind the XTREEEEEEEEM advertising. The relatively decent idea gets so overused that people stop caring.

It's the Little Radicalist who cried Wolf syndrome and it needs to stop.

Also can we stop breaking things off of each other?

I really don't like getting into the nine million and four different groups within any movement. If you have overall similar goals go with it. You know what they say about numbers.

See this is why I tend to shy away from group politics in general. This is why Shannon can't play good with others. I have no patience for things that screw up things I care about.

I'm breaking my own don't be a dick rule a little bit but sometimes you just have to.

And let me say to the following people:

"Kill the white people" guy on youtube. You are NOT fucking helping the cause shut the fuck up you crazy fucker.

Some free tips for whatever group. Especially if you're saying unpopular "wrong" things.

Don't send the guy who only speaks in incoherent screaming to the press.
The guy that's in the meeting shaking his head and rubbing his temples because Bubba Jo Bob just started shooting again cause he's all excited, yeah send that guy.

Remember sound at least semi rational and people will be more apt to at least start to listen.

Also, please if you are getting your crazy on, don't do it in a way that makes your whole issue look absurd.

For the love of fluffy bunnies don't.

That's it.

Homo Out.


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