Thursday, July 19, 2007

And weeeeeeeeee're back.

Hosting issues have been solved. YAY.

Which is good because I have a BUTTLOAD of things to talk about today.

First of all let's start with last weekend and go forward through the week shall we?

So last weekend One Hung Low (in case you're new One hung Low is my single testicled man wonder.) and I took a trip to the Store of Evil (aka Walmart) because we are among the many who are poor and need cheap shit.

Please not lectures. Walmart is teh Devil and I am well aware of it. However sometimes when you are broke enough your principles around needed items for a low price are bent. At least mine are.

So anyway.

While in the presence of evil I bought panties. I know, insanity reigns when Shannon willingly and gleefully buys panties. I bought a 3 pack of No Boundaries cheeky shorts. They are sort of comfortable in the if I walk just so they go up my butt a little way. They are tolerable.

I also got the most comfortable tunic length shelf bra having cami for 5 dollars. That is a major deal. I will wear the shit out of it. I also purchased some assorted things for my hair that were too expensive at the beauty supply store.

What else?

Most of you will not get this but I had an "Are you Nikos cousin" moment and that was cool.

In other news it rained this week and that was fantastic. What was odd though was today while it was sprinkling there was a hot moist wind blowing and I very seriously felt like I should've been in the South.

I will probably post the entry I did yesterday and put in LJ instead of here. I was particularly fantastic yesterday.

Not so much today because a.) I'm fucking tired and b.) I'm fucking tired.

Yeah I think I'm spent.

Homo Out.


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