Monday, July 30, 2007

Angry/ Misantrhopy defcon 5.

I am really extraordinarily cranky today.

This is why (partially, some of it I really don't feel like discussing)

  • I have not slept since noon yesterday.
  • I have a banging fucking migraine thanks to the fantastic smell of hot tar.
  • My bladder is on super alert today. Which means i'm getting up to pee like every three minutes.
  • My right leg hurts from ankle to sacroiliac .

However the cranky/evil is slightly mitigated by the fact that I has BPAL coming. And my hair is pretty.

Also my want and need to make myself some recycled clothes is getting strong enough to have me digging around in boxes of scraps and day dreaming about a serger.

I think this winter I might actually tackle my long held obsession with doing my own version of Lolita clothing. The vision I keep having is less frilly and cute than it is cute and stabby. Less "look how dolly like I am" more "look how cute I am while I stab you in the fucking eye."

I have a vision of a cross between an evil doll and an Anime villain. Don't ask how this started I don't know but it's a fucking obsession. And frankly I am WAY too poor to be trying to buy custom made stuff from Japan.

I am also having crotch tingling fantasies about redoing a light semi fancy coat I have into a monster fur monstrosity. For winter wear of course.

Also random observation I like Britney Spears ass way more when it's not very covered and that makes me feel dirty in a bad kind of way.

Ok wait where was I? wait clothes. Ass covers not naked ass.

No wait can I just say that if you are a mega super millionare(ss) do NOT walk around in a bad weave. What the fuck is wrong with you? I have known hood rat, minimum wage earning McGriddle Slinging chicks to work a banging weave. What. The. Fuck.

Sorry I had to get that out.

Anyway back to clothes. I'm also going to try and make an old Frederick's of Hollywood costume corset I have into a waist cincher. Mostly as just a fancy giant belt. Also some cinching might do some nice things for my back.

I am exhausted and cannot figure out this call forwarding thing that I have to do at work now so goodnight.

Homo Out.


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