Wednesday, July 18, 2007


First of all my outfit and make up rules today. Mike said I look like an anime villain. I'm wearing knee high uber buckle ass stomping boots, (my boots have a few less buckles but are the last version of the boots linked) black capri pants, a black sleeveless tank thing and my black velvet hoody. And I am wearing blood red eyeshadow all over my lid and under my eye with some black on the waterline and my usual shitload of mascara. Big shiny slightly red lips.

Grr baby very grr.

Also Seattle loves a black goth girl. I had five people stop me on my way to work to tell me how cute I am.

That my friends is ego masturbation at it's finest.

I have not been feeling entirely fabulous today. Matter of fact I've been feeling ugly and weird and sad. However as I've proven to myself time and again ass kicking outfit=Beasty starts feeling better.

However I am in dire need of a hot boy/girl/whatever in booty shorts and boots to black my boots. I have got a serious jones for that like you people don't even know. I haven't had a boot blacking experience in awhile and I WANT. Mmm boot worship.

Wait what? I seriously got very distracted there for a minute.

I also have hours of ass kicking music loaded. Sevendust. Tool, The Deftones, Maxwell, Lou Reed and John Cale, Otep and Ella Fitzgerald. All on shuffle.

what else?

Note to self, mini donuts and a buttload of coffee does not a proper breakfast make. Way too much coffee cause WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in the lightening.

Now let's talk about books. I've been reading some really great ones lately.

I just finished The Persistent Desire: A Femme-Butch Reader edited by Joan Nestle. As usual when I read queer history I almost always end up with this half wistful feeling. I walk away wondering what if? And generally come up with the same answer, I'd have either have been a famous Dyke of Evil Proportions who got assassinated or lived some quiet wonderful long life with the blue collar butch of my dreams. Good things to think about either way. The really great thing about this book is there is a lot of material from people who were there. And some of it was just heartbreaking to read. But I highly suggest it. (And Cookie, seriously make room in your luggage for it, it's a chunky fuckin book.)

Last night on the bus I read The Enchanter. by Vladimir Nabokov. Now if Lolita upset you I really don't suggest reading this book. Granted the subject matter (pedophilia) is fucking horrible but, Nabokov's use of language transcends the horror and becomes just fucking sublime. He is one of the only authors I've ever read who can do that with any sort of effectiveness. His use of language is so beautiful, even though I KNOW the subject matter is fucking evil, I forget about it and get lost. And his ability to impart the main characters state of mind in twisted "burnt tongue" type ways. Sly reversals of words that ease the disorientation into your mind without being cheesy or too much of a slap in the face. ..."some black salad devouring a green rabbit." The book is just beautiful. And this particular edition was translated by his son and has a fascinating afterward also written by his son.

I'm rereading Whores and Other Feminists edited by Jill Nagle.(Amelia I am spreading the whoring again. :P) Mostly to tide myself over until I get my hands on the copy of the Janus Report that I bought here in El Jay land. I cannot wait to read that. I've been wanting to since it came out.

OH website news. I finally got my payment to actually be processing. So fingers crossed my hosting company takes their monies with swiftness because I want my fucking BLOG back.

OH holy shit I did actual writing yesterday. I'm working on stories that are both presents for friends. One for my Cookie who in return will let me ogle her luscious creamy boobs of greatness. And one for another friend who has no boobs but if I get him drunk might send me a picture of his butt.

I probably wrote about 8 pages all together which is phenomenal. And probably about 80% of the reason I feel better today. Also wrote some emo poetry that I may or may not post later.

And um Forrest and Amelia (Yes you two) why are you trying to kill me with the Batty pictures? I will probably go comment but OMFG. I really -really- love those. And why do I suddenly have a serious urge to stuff you both in my bra (there's room trust me) and kidnap you for an evening of DD's and beer?

And on a pervy note. I was listening to Devil Driver the other day and if the lead singer Dez Fafara fucks anything like he sings he is going on my list of people who need to get it from me. Right in the nono area. Probably after a good tussle.

I'm just saying.

Also I have decided that David Beckham in all his hotness (though he must be bald for this fantasy to work) is on my list of men who I'd beat the crap of then bend over and make call me Daddy. Seriously. He's hot and I don't know what it is about him but he's on that list.

Ok I'm done perving all over the place for now. And one last neato thing. My Last.FM widget. If you scrobble feel free to friend me.

Homo Out.

And fucking widget WORK or I will PEE on you.

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