Monday, July 02, 2007

Big girls represent!

Ooookay snack has been gotten and now I want to talk about Fat Fashion.

First off why did NONE of you people tell me about Delta Burke's bras?

I was in need of a bra in a OMG my titty is going to kill this bra the rest of the way kind of way recently and chanced upon a beautiful periwinkle 38D underwire embroidered bra of hotness at Big Lots for 6$. SIX DOLLARS. Now granted I was a little leery, I have had the proverbial issues with chaper bras but this one is freaking tops.

Of course now I can't find it online and it's probably discontinued since it was at Big Lots but I'll tell you about it anyway.

First of all it has good wide elastic straps. And ZOMG my adjust in the front. So no more either contorting myself to fix them or making Mike do it for me. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to adjust your straps while wearing the bra in question or even worse while shuttling it on and off until the girls are comfortably settled.

The mostly cotton/spandex fabric is very comfy and soft. And it makes my boobies look like WHOA.

So big titty girls, find the Delta Burke collection. From what I've found on google there is a plethora of hot lookin bras at very reasonable prices.

Next up one of those topics that in the Fatosphere can cause massive amounts of contentious discuss which is not what I'm looking for here.

In the Inbetweenies community on LJ there was a small discussion about what to do when your body is rapidly and often changing size due to weight loss or whatever. Let me say here that weightloss is not an evil, it's not a bad word the fact is sometimes it happens. Whether it's due to sickness, health issues, on purpose, dieting, whatever.

I've been there. There were a few years that my body fluctuated a size or three for months and months at a time and it was horrible. Not only was it a massive blow to my already hormonally induced cellophane thin self esteem but, my clothes all got ugly quickly. It took quite awhile to get things straightened out. I got off of the hormonal birth control and started regaining some control over my ovaries gone wild.

Fashion wise I was absolutely destroyed. My favorite jeans fit, didn't fit, fit again, fit funny. All my favorite things had to be either given away, sold etc because I wasn't sure if my weight would stabilize.

What I discovered at that point was the joy of stretchy fabric. As we all know I am a skirt addict. As my weight fluctuated about 2o pounds either way (the way I'm built that makes a HUGE difference in how my clothes fit) I discovered that I had to have the following things:

Elastic waist midlength and longer skirts. When the size of my belly changed I could adjust where the waistband hit accordingly for comfort. I still do this. I am not afriad to pull the waistband of my skirt all the way up under my tits. Matter of fact the skirt I'm wearing right now is directly under my bra.

And it looks hot.

Other staples for summer I went with a lot of cami style casual tops with some stretch. I tend to get them a size too big or a tad too small because of my boob to rest of torso ratio. You big booby sorts will probably feel me on that.

Also paramount to the victim of weight fluctuations know your area thrift stores, and consignment shops. Buy a few really nice pieces, take them in and recycle them. You don't always get your monies worth but, you can keep your bum covered even as said bum changes sizes.

When your body changes rapidly like that it can be a huge blow to your personal equilibrium. For me it was just disastrous. I constantly bought things in the wrong size because I have a difficult time seeing weight changes in myself. And of course the wanktastic sizing at many stores makes it that much more difficult.

How many of you have had this conversation with yourself in the store:

"Wait but I thought I need a wait a 20? 14? Oh what the FUCK why does that say a 12 and is the same size as the fucking 16?"

It's so infuriating. Things to remember when you're having that moment:

Sizing no matter what size you are is wanktastic and makes everyone stabby.

Whether you're a size 4-14-24-34 whatever it sucks for everybody sometimes.

Also stretch is your homie. Stretch is your road dog. Stretch will not abandon you when you're bloated and cranky. It will not lay down on the job like your jeans might. Stretch will move with your booty and work with it instead of against it.

That's another thing. Work with the chub not against it. If you try to constrain the chub in clothes that are too small and/or too rigid you might anger the chub. And that is not good. That can result in terrible rashes and such. Let it go people.

Also please please please, just because you're fat does not mean you are relegated to crap ass poly and ugly prints. It is just not true.

Um I got distracted.

What was I saying? Big boobies? Clothes, righty O.

Now you ladies (yes you ladies I am talking to you...and even you lady boys)I know some of you are some kinky leather loving people. I know you're out there. And can I get an amen about fetish clothes?

Let's talk about Alter Ego Erotics. Corestry up to 7X. I have never seen that wide a range in my life anywhere from 18" to 50". That is on Ebay. I have never ever seen a mainstream brick and mortar store carry that kind of selection. And I've heard smashing things about them.

Also let's talk about local designer diva Tonya Winter. She does both slinky custom plus sized couture and some hot ass shiny fetish wear. Not only have I heard fantastic things about her craftswomanship but, she seems like an actual nice person. Granted I don't know her personally but I've been reading her journal for a long time and from what other people have said she seems like a fabulous person.

Someone asked me recently why am I so RAWR about this.

Truthfully it's because I love women. Not just in the let me touch your boobies kind of way but I very sincerely care. I want women to be ok as I've said before. I want women to look and feel fabulous. Regardless of what makes them feel that way and not get shit for it. Not get shit based on size, style or whatever.

You want to wear power suits, mini skirts and giant hooker boots, barely matching hippy clothes and Birks. sneakers and jeans, corsets and booty shorts? Do it.

Granted it's not always great to wear what you want where you want but, there is room in your life to do so. Even if that means you put on a motherfucking tiara with your sweats that have baby puke and dog pee on them.

If you feel the need to tart it up and go to the post office to mail off your taxes? Go ahead.

Does it matter how wide your ass is or is not?


Does it matter if you've got some jiggle in that jangle?


Does it even matter if EVRYONE else in your immediate vicinity thinks there is something really wrong with you?


My answer my loves is simple:

"Fuck em if they can't take a fuckin' joke."

All those people who give you the subtle and not so subtle hints that you do not, cannot, and should not do not give a real fuck about you. That is all about them keeping their world in perfect working order and not having to rethink how they treat other people or how they view other people. And you know what? It's not your job to conform to that.

Make em squirm.

For every person that tells you, you can't, you shouldn't etc because you're fat, you're short, you're white, you're black, you're from the West Coast whatever it is. They. Do. Not. Get. It.

If you can talk to them so maybe someday they will get it great. You rock.

If not?

Fuck em.

No, seriously fuck em right in the goat ass.

Ok I'm spent. I am going to plan my next thrifting adventure.

Homo Out.

PS...maybe announcement tomorrow if things work out the way they are supposed to.


TOTALLY did a happy dance again there. You know who you are, she who induces happy dances.


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