Monday, July 09, 2007

Let me tell you Internetz.

Let me tells you internetz, having cute hair is hard. HARD I say.

I finally successfully gave myself a cute rollerset without using heat. WOOT. Mainly because I was too nappish on Sunday to do a proper one and sit under my dryer.

But I was a bit thwarted by the wind and the lack of styling product.

However I still love my big curly friggin hair. I will try to get a photo tonight however I promise nothing because last time I tried to use my webcam it was being a fucker of high rank.

In other news I really want to try and make this petticoat style skirt. Cute and if I get good at them I can try to make some in warm fabrics for ze winter.

What else?

Riiight my nails look hot and discoball. I had to cut them so they are short and square-ish, black with opalescent sparkles. GLITTER.

Also my adorable drop waist black dress with the flirty tattered fishnet fairy hem arrived this past weekend and it is made of win. I will have to be careful what bra I wear with it so I don't wind up dumping the D Cups O doom out of it but still. I also have a very adorable grey velvet girly shrug thing I bought on Fatshionista ages ago and have yet to wear.

If you're new to the show here I am an avid lover of thrifting. I stalk auctions, thrift stores, livejournal and all over scouring for good deals on things I like. Mainly because a LOT of stuff I see in stores I Do. Not. Want.

Since finances have been better I believe I am going to spend this weeks mad money on more make up. Why? Because as I've mentioned before I am a freaking make up whore. I need an intervention.

Actually I really should buy a new pair of flats. The ones I'm wearing have about had the proverbial weenie. They are uncomfortable now even if they are still cute. Note to self do not buy Torrid shoes anymore.

OMFG I have been on the phone with the same fucking person for over 40 minutes all because I am teh SUPA tech and they cannot use their email correctly. And I have to fucking pee so bad. SO BAD.

I feel really bad for that lady her "tech" knows nothing including how to use Gmail and follow simple instructions.

Bloody hell.

I finally got to pee and got some cookies so hopefully my low blood sugar/super full bladder cranky will abate some.

Holy Weeping Jay-sus Batman.

Cookies have been eating, stabby is fading.

Where was I?

I have no idea.

I think I'm about spent. I am going to walk around a little my back is killing me today. I think it hates me. Would someone like to rip it out and beat me to death with it? I"d be down for that.

Homo Out.


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