Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The press..boobies and glee.

I was just reading Mopie's guest entry over at Elastic Waist yesterday. I really love that lady have I mentioned that lately? IF you don't know she's MoPie from BFD.

For the record I hate gyms, seriously I do. It's not because of the whole fat girl at the gym thing but because I prefer to sweat by myself in my house. I am the same way about shopping. I do not like people fucking with me while I'm on a mission. Also I hate the hard sell.

I like to exercise however I just like to do so in private. Where if I get tired I can yell FUCK without causing a ruckus.

Now let's talk about Fat Chance.

I watched this video about it that ran on Nightline.

And yet again I am pissed off that instead of talking first about beauty, grace, or anything there's the fucking punchline... "a BIG difference"

That is something I really seriously hate about how the media handles everything fat related that is fabulous. It never ceases to fucking piss me off so I wind up enjoying whatever it is less.

It's just another way for people to give a back handed compliment. Further it only reinforces the idea that anything related to fat, especially to a fat woman is only marginally if ever ok. It's that attitude (and I KNOW you've heard it) "Oh....you're so...pretty." With that sort of incredulous insipid look. Yeah I'm over it.

I don't like it. I am on to all of the people who employ this.

I do not approve.

If you are going to write about women, fat women in particular keep your shock to yourself when they are fabulous and beautiful. Or fuck off.

It pisses me off.

Things like this issue that was brought to my attention over at BFD today. Go read the articles she links and think about it.

Frankly I don't give a good goddamn about the movie Hairspray. If it doesn't have John Waters name on it and Rikki Lake in it I don't care. But the point remains. For the record euphemisms in general don't bother me, what bothers me is that the point is made over and over again.

To quote a comment from that entry:

Zarazza, on August 2nd, 2007 at 3:53 pm Said:

But why do they have to keep pointing out that she’s fat? Can you imagine the outcry if every reference to Queen Latifah referred to her as “African-American”, “Black”, “Nubian”, “Melatoninally Gifted”, etc.?

That is very true. Think about that.

Aside from a fat person when do journalists or anyone for that matter come up with nine-million and four words for something. Why the need the point out the obvious again and again and again. It all comes back to (in my opinion at least) that sense that "HOLY WOW A FAT GIRL CAN DO IT"

I think that's bullshit.

So anyhow I was reading The Rotund and she had a link to an ebay seller of clothes (that sounded fancy huh) who carries up to 6X which is exciting. I'm cruising around there and her prices are good and I am seeing some very cute stuff.

I really dig this one. That is super cute.

While I'm talking clothes let me paste an entry about clothes from my LJ to round out my day here. With additional comments after some thoughts in italics.

First up I want the Lip Service Nuptial Bites Victorian Dress. Yes I would in fact rock out with my stretch marks out because that is a beautiful dress and I believe the 2X would actually fit my hips/boobies. Even though Lip Service is notoriously wonky sized and it's so hard to find clothes for anyone over a size 8-10 I still fucking love their clothes.

Next the Heavy Red Garter Club Shirt. Cute but I wouldn't buy it for two reasons. 1.) Most likely it wouldn't fit. Their clothes tend to be made for willowy non big titty/big at all goth girls. And 2.) Their shit is way overpriced.

Hrm I've never really done the whole tattered goth look but I kind of dig the Lip Service Disintegration Off-Shoulder Sweater. I would get it in all black of course but I am in fact kinda digging that. It'd probably be shorter on me with the big boobs and whatnot but I likey.

I have been in love with the Heavy Red Harlequin Striation Netting Skirt since the first time I saw it. And subsequently realized that my hips (even at a size 9 my hips were too big) would not permit it. I am very determined to make a knock off of that.

Another beauty that would never -evar- fit me unless I had a double mastectomy and my ribcage removed. The Lip Service Lunar Dolls Monster Fur Cyber Coat. I used to have a fantastic full length black monster fur coat that I bought used that I wore the hell out of. I miss that coat. This coat here, is the reason I want to try and re-cover I jacket I already have in ze giant faux fur.

I LOVE this Jeannie Nitro Purple Velvet Slits Skirt however I would not buy it from the Jeannie Nitro line because a.) her clothes are fucking tiny and b.) once upon a time I saved and saved and saved and saved (I was really -really- thin back then) for a dress from her and I was really disappointed when I got it. The fit was horrible, the fabric was nothing as lovely as in the photos and it was nowhere near worth the 180 or so dollars I paid for it. Love the design, wouldn't buy it. However I would not be afraid to make one of my own. With modifications.

This Enchanting Black Dress/Jacket is fucking gorgeous. Yes I KNOW Mis Black Stevie Nicks 2007, but shh. I like it.

Oh new shop. This DRAGONLADY DRESS is gorgeous. I love that. I actually used to wear a LOT of stuff in that particular style. Yes indeedy your very own stabby stompy beasty likes romantigoth too.

Oh bullet belts how I love thee. I dig this .223 Bullet Belt with tips Brass Bullets & Black Links. I use to hate those but I like them these days.

And of course I need yet another plain black hoodie. The plain hoodie is an integral part of my wardrobe. I don't go for ones with writing or shit on them with the exception of a Tool hoodie I used to have.

This Kate's Clothing Stretchy Black Heart Shaped Plunge Top with white pinstripes is really hot. I dig the pinstripes. That's really lovely.

OH my good LORD. WANT. Necessary Evil Black Twill Sleeves with Collar. That is fantastic. Love hte cut, love the sleeves love the collar.

Oooh I like the Mercy long black skirt with removable heavy black metal chains and black metal D Rings that skirt has quite a moniker but it's a hot skirt. That is for wearing giant stompy boots with. I dig it.

Kate's Clothing Exclusive Long Stretchy Black Fishtail Skirt with white pinstripes, is fucking gorgeous. That is really all.

Ok that's it. Maybe I'll do another shoes/boots post later or share plans for my wardrobe remixing via me setting up my sewing machine on Saturday. Ok laters taters.

Homo Out


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