Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Ok first of all I have to vent a little.

I got an email from an LJ user who shall remain nameless for (just wait for it) failing reading comprehension and stupid earlier today and I want to share my reaction.

First off this girl is a budding DIY designer which I think is fantastic. YEAH sisters doin it for themselves. Until the stupid then I wanted to take away her internetz.

Now I have perused her various shops (Etsy, Ebay, LJ) and every time she posts all her clothes fit probably sizes 6-9ish if I was being generous. Recently she emailed me saying how much she loooooooooooooves my blog and has been reading regularly for months and how she'd be soooooo honored if I put a banner to her store down at the bottom of the page with Ms. Ugly Shyla there.

I don't know if I've said it lately but when I do actual banner type things it is almost always of people I like. I like Ms. Shyla's art and I think she is an amazing model with a fantastic look. Hence my linky there.

I link to all sorts of stuff but permalinks (Google ads are the exception) are carefully thought out by me and I've said as much.

So after a few exchanges (here comes the stupid) I mention very nicely that I won't link to her because she makes nothing that fits me.

Her answer? "Well I can do it custom but it'll cost a lot extra and I don't like to make bigger garments."

Um... What. The. Bleeding. HELL are you fucking talking about?

I write back "you do realize that I am fat? And that it is entirely offensive that you are asking me for free advertising when in fact I cannot buy things directly from your stores? Also why would you charge so much extra for maybe an extra 1.50 worth of fabric and maybe a few extra minutes of work? That's absurd."

She returns with (these are direct quotes by the way): "Well making big clothes is hard and I don't know any fat people...besides your blog is misleading because you don't seem that fat." (Emphasis mine)

Ok the rest I'm leaving out because it degenerates from there to her whining about how mean and unfair I am that I won't link to her or tell anyone to shop in her store. Topped off with this gem:

"Its not my fault you can't buy normal clothes."

You see why I might be a little uh, pissed off?

Ok you know what I don't even feel like going into the numerous reasons I think this person is a douche. I really do.

However the main lesson here is know who you're asking favors from before you start being a douche. It might've gone differently.

I am very supportive and love DIY and people making some loot on the interwebs but for the love of fluffy bunnies don't do the following:

Call yourself a designer/seamstress/superhero sewer if you cannot figure out how to add a few inches to a garment. It is really not as fucking difficult as many a large corporation might make it seem.
Get pissed off when called on your bullshit. Because carrying the equivalent to 2 sizes of clothing is not a good way to do business.
Do not claim to be a fan or whatever then know absolutely nothing about the person to whom you're sucking up.

So yeah that was not cute nor was it pleasant.

So in case anybody missed it, I will be mean to you if you are stupid.

At least I'm honest.

In less annoyed news I'm wearing a floofy skirt and have been twirling a lot today.

I also got my first pair of flip flops in about a decade or more.

I think that's about it for today.

Homo Out.


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Sara E Anderson said...

She doesn't like making big clothes? WTF is that about?

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