Thursday, July 05, 2007

Things I wonder about...

Aaaaaaaaaaand we're back. However I will warn you people that my site here might disappear again because my hosting company has not apparently received my monies for said hosting.

Lots to discuss today actually.

First of all in case I haven't mentioned it recently I am a make up whore. Seriously.

This past weekend I got myself a Nyx trio of eyeshadows in Serengeti and cannot wait to try it. Why haven't I tried it already? I have the oilest skin known to man. In the summer my skin eats make up alive and I have yet to find a product to conquer that. So I just don't bother really.

On days I do wear any make up I will do a classic liquid liner cat eye, loads of mascara and lipgloss of choice. I may or may not dust my face with powder before leaving the house. Usually not.

I am also very excited because the summer dress I just bought for a fantastic 10$ is on the way. Hopefully it will contain the D Cups of Doom.

Once upon a time I had a pair of Hot Kiss jeans that I'd purchased on a whim after not wearing or owning jeans for almost ten years at Retro Viva. That was quite possibly the first time I'd ever found a pair of perfect jeans. They had no waistband, low rise, no back pockets and looked amazing on me.

I miss those pants. They made my wee booty like BAM BOOTY.

And I have never again seen a pair like them. Of course.

I think that's all for today.

Homo Out.

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