Sunday, August 05, 2007

Actually wait a minute..what the blue fuck..

So I was just reading Susie Bright's blog and found this tidbit.

No go read it I'll wait.


Ok, say it with me now. What the BLUE fuck is wrong with people?

Is it really necessary for "concerned" parents to shield their of legal age children from reading about sex now?

Also you absolutely need to read the interview and watch the video at The Atlantic.

She makes several good points excellent points actually.

Why does it continue to shock me when I hear about things like this?

I just cannot fathom what would possesses someone regardless of their religious beliefs to need to do that sort of thing. Jesus after that I need to be cleansed.

So if anyone wants to buy this DVD for me feel free. Here's the trailer.

As always I have to wonder again about my affinity for junkies. Aside from the fact that I get it. That is of course a frightening thing but, I can take it in all reality.

Also everyone should read the book Nick Cave is reading from here. It's dense and gorgeously written. I'm not usually quite so into poetic imagery in a novel but it's worth it.

I seriously just had myself a crotch tingling fantasy about listening to Nick Cave read to me from Ovid's Art of Love I totally couldn't help myself.

While I'm making illicit use of Nick Cave's voice (his music is on permaplay while I write most of the time) can we talk about the fact that I have a huge voice fetish?

Another video, sorry I'm cleansing my brain palate of the shit I read earlier.

The beat of that song+Mc. Cave's voice makes me twitchy in the groinal area. If I was still a stripper I would probably subject people to me writhing around onstage to that song. IF I ever get actually good at belly dance I might try to choreograph to this song.

Let's talk about belly dance.

When I grow up I think I want to be the supergoth tribal nutcase style. Yes I did in fact just make up par of that moniker.

I also would like to dance to this song. Warning TOTAL fucking mood change here.

I won't even start about my serious lack of video girl type booty. I'll save that for another day.

Ok I feel better now. I'm going to booty shake at my desk until it's time to go home or something breaks. Whichever comes first.

Homo really Out.

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