Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Girls Represent! Part Duex

Over at BFD Mo Pie posted the following video.

Now watching that, it's clear she's a damn good dancer. I personally needed no proof to know that big girls can in fact work it. I know for DAMN sure that big girls can get down. Whether it's belly dancing like above, big girl walking it out like a motherfucker or three big girls getting down in the back yard and dropping it like it's hella hot. Fuck the comments. I want to go out dancing with those girls.

Like the song says, Watch Out For the Big Girls. And if you're me you add a mother fucker at the end.

In other annoying news I stumbled on a blog (not going to link it, not worth it) in which every entry is some railing or flailing about fats in food. One gem of an entry that caught my eye was this person taking issue with ascorbic acid. Vitamin C not the sort that's used in photographic chemicals. And yet again I'm stunned. Are you serious? I have to wonder if this person realizes that the lemon juice he/she wants on apples served at Micky D's has ascorbic acid in it too?

Also his/her recipe for a "flat stomach" is absurd. Eating no fat will not give you a magically flat stomach. In fact, there are some people (myself included) who can eat next to nothing, do thousands of crunches and other ab exercises and never, ever have a flat stomach. Some people just are not meant to have the washboard abs and that my fine friends is fucking fine.

This same person is of the mind that certain things should just be banned because they are bad for you. I think that is a patently bad idea. America does not have good luck in legislating morality. Not just that but health is not a moral imperative. Not eating fatty foods is not a moral imperative no matter how rabid you might be about a person being healthy it is not your choice plain and simple.

One of the arguments "against obesity" that constantly evokes an eyeroll from me is the one about how much money it costs everyone else. By that rationale shouldn't people who have issues with genetic abnormalities be prevented from having children since if the children inherit those, it will cost "everyone" more? Or what about people who have diseases that are genetic?

People rarely stop to think about what they are really saying, nor do they look to see how far down the rabbit hole goes. I don't like to be an alarmist about it but, the truth is once you start chipping away at personal choice and getting into other peoples business, where does it stop? We see it all the time.

These days people feel it's perfectly ok to comment on another person's body with a sense of ownership. Why? Because it's allowed, it's chic.

I'm kind of all over the place here don't mind me. Internet is gettin me.

Ok I'm derailing that train of thought right now.

And I have some links.

How often have you looked at boobs? Not airbrushed pumped up porn star boobs, but normal every woman boobs? You should check out this website. Clearly, that's not work safe. If you are having one of those "oh my GOD my boobs are ugly" moments, look and love.

I also really like the website The Shape of a Mother. There are photos of bodies of women who've had children and are pregnant. A beautiful place.

And finally Bellies Are Beautiful. All sorts of bellies. I may send in a pic of mine.

That's it. Uniballer has tasty pork treats for me and I want my damn dinner.


Homo Out.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for providing these links, I feel better knowing that my body is ok the way it is, that humans do come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors...wish the mainstream media and Hollywood could understand this simple fact.

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