Monday, August 27, 2007

The Bitch is Back...

This is going to be a long fucking entry.

First of all, my not so fantastic web host needs a good deep dicking to move whatever is jammed up it's collective ass.

I do not feel good. My body has turned into a mother fucking warzone.

My bowels got the party started with a lot of constipation/other painful ailments. Then I didn't sleep, then the big cherry on the whole shit pie is that my infidel uterus decided today, was a good day to start shedding matter.

Good news first before I dive headfirst into complaining.

I've been writing articles over at Associated Content and I would be extraordinarily happy if the four of you that read this would check it out, subscribe or even pass on my link to your homies.

I've written two articles so far. One on buying clothes on Ebay and an op ed bit about the Simulation argument.

Here is the link for the Ebay one. Pretty please I don't even care if you don't read it. I'm wanting to make some pennies on page views. So have a looksy at my fantastic profile while you're there too.

How to Buy Clothes on Ebay

Also I will probably be pimping this sort of thing at least once a week or so because that looks to be the limit of my output currently. I'm going to mix how to type articles along with the occasional op ed bit.'

Ok now I feel dirty.


Ok I haven't slept since Sunday and I am fucking nackered. So that's it for now.

Homo Out.


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