Sunday, August 05, 2007

Holy good lord.

So my Myspace got spoofed however it was a little fortuitous because I got to send Mr. Stahl a wee note that I am excited about reading his new book. That's a good thing. Also strange timing since I'm rereading Permanent Midnight.

Oh good LORD sucked into the myspace again.


Forgot what I was going to say.

Also (I'm putting it here and my LJ so I make myself fucking do it)

I'm working on an essay to submit to Nerve. It's about my habit of having hysterical laughter after having gigantic orgasms. Well not hysterical but the sort of giggling that makes you choke, especially when you're already winded from orgasming like fucking Zeus throwing down the thunder.

I also have to confess that I've been perving on this slightly butchy girl I see on the bus fairly freqeuntly. She's solid and tall and has these almost beefy arms that I like to imagine doing things. Naked sweaty things.

What else?

Oh right I'm updating because I'm at work and this is what I do. Why can I not fucking spell all of a sudden?

Anyhow. This essay is just, ugh. I'm really not enjoying trying this whole non-fiction thing. I can spin a yarn but I'm very critical when it comes to the truth.

Bloody hell.

This month I'm working a buttload of overtime in the hopes that I can not only catch up on a few bills but maybe buy myself something fancy and treat One Hung Low to some fancy birthday celebrating followed by loud monkey sex.

I think I'm about out of steam over here. I need more tea (jasmine green for the win) and maybe some sort of crackery treat.

Fabulous how specific I am no?

Homo Out.

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